Polaris Betting Odds Announced With New Partnership

Polaris has just taken a big step into the mainstream with a partnership with sports betting company My Bookie.

While this isn’t the first grappling event to have betting odds, ADCC and IBJJF Worlds have had betting lines from other companies, this is a first for Polaris and we’re hoping it will make it a bit more exciting for fans who are willing to place a little side bet.

“Being able to secure a deal with UFC Fight Pass was a big step forward for the Polaris Grappling League.” said Strauss.

“It brought their event to our attention and that of many other fight fans. It only made sense to offer betting on this growing MMA discipline.” The headline fight features former UFC fighter Jake Shields going up against rising Bellator star Rafael Lovato Jr.

“I expect Shields will take most of the action given his name recognition, but should they look at Rafael’s 9-0 record as a professional fighter, they may quickly realize the -180 price on MyBookie.ag is too good to be true.”

Playing the odds

We spoke to Matt Benyon, co-owner of Polaris about this new partnership. “We are extremely excited to have MyBookie on board with Polaris,” said Matt.

“Most major sports in the world offer fans the ability to bet on the outcome of matches, and now thanks to the support of MyBookie we are able to offer the same to pro grappling and Polaris fans.”

“Ultimately, having these guys on board will boost the entire ecosystem of grappling, which has been our goal all along, leading to bigger paydays for athletes as well as allowing fans to have some fun betting on their favourites.”

The betting odds are as follows:

Jake Shields (+150) vs Rafael Lovato Jr (-180)
Ffion Davis (+110) vs Gezary Matuda (-140)
Ross Nicholls (+105) vs Vagner Rocha (-135)
Tom Halpin (-200) vs Ethan Crelinsten (+160)
Santeri Lilius (+145) vs Eduardo “Teta” Rios (-175)
Darragh O’Conaill (-150) vs Mike Perez (+120)

You can place your bets with My Bookie here and get a 50% bonus on your first deposit.

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