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Polaris 7 Gallery

Polaris 7 Gallery

So while we weren’t at Polaris 7 to cover it live, our very good friends at The Grapple Club have very kindly shared their images with us and we have an inside look at all the mat-side action!

The Grapple Club is the product of photographers and videographers Josh Halvatzis (@Josh.hal) and Helena Curtis (@Helenacurtis). They have a love for everything grappling, from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and MMA, they travel the world covering and documenting this world of combat sport.

All Photos were taken by Helena from The Grapple Club (@thegrappleclub).

Polaris 7 Prelim Card

Tom Haplin vs Igor Terreco – Catchweight (68kg) NoGi

Lloyd Cooper vs Kieran Davern – Catchweight (80kg) NoGi

Oliver Lovell vs Yousef Nabi – Catchweight (74kg) Gi

Thomas Caughey vs Eoghan O’Flanagan – Catchweight Bout (80kg) NoGi

Pedro Bessa vs Dominik Debiec – Catchweight Bout (80kg) Gi

Miha Perhavec vs Jamie Scott – Catchweight Bout (85kg) NoGi

Polaris 7 Main Card

Samantha Cook vs Venla Luukkonen –  Championship Eliminator (Over 55kg) NoGi

Ross Nichols vs Nathan Orchard – Welterweight Championship Eliminator (77.1kg) NoGi

Masakazu Imanari vs Ashley Williams – Featherweight Championship Eliminator (65.8kg) NoGi

Nicky Ryan vs Phil Harris – Featherweight Championship Eliminator (65.8kg) NoGi

Lachlan Giles vs Oliver Taza – Welterweight Championship Eliminator (77.1kg) NoGi

Gregor Gracie vs Gilbert Burns – Main Event Catchweight (85kg) NoGi

Behind The Scenes


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