Polaris 6 Weigh ins

While Polaris becomes a more established brand the overall operation is becoming slicker, this year’s weigh in setup is a little different. After taking inspiration from their streaming partner UFC fightpass, Polaris are switching up the weigh in process, with fighters being weighed in the morning and a ceremonial weigh in during the evening. For the third even running we’ve been given privileged backstage access to the weigh in and the main event and we’ll be giving you exclusive backstage and mat-side access.

Polaris Weigh In Pictures

Polaris 6 Under Card

Emilia Tuukkanen vs Leoni Munslow (Gi Match)

Jay Butler vs Sean McDonagh (Gi Match)

Santeri Lilius vs Bradley Hill (Gi Match)

Tommy Lanagaker vs Charlie Macdonald (Gi Match)

Jake Mackenzie vs Oliver Lovell

Undercard Main Event – Ross Nicholls vs Tommi Pulkkanen (Nogi Match)

Polaris 6 Main Card

Marco Canha vs Ashleigh Grimshaw (Nogi Match)

Chris Fishgold vs Marcin Held (Nogi Match)

Chelsea Leah vs Ffion Davies (Nogi Title Contender match)

Gezary Matuda vs Serena Gabrielli (Nogi Title Contender match)

Co-Headline Fight – Benson Henderson vs AJ Agazarm (Nogi Match)

Headline Fight – Jake Shields vs Craig Jones (Nogi Title Match)

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