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Polaris 13 Lightweight Title Match – Ash Williams vs A.J. Agazarm

Polaris 13 Lightweight Title Match – Ash Williams vs A.J. Agazarm

While everyone is excited to watch new Polaris format with their upcoming Grand Prix, they’re also forgetting that Polaris will also be putting on their usual, excellent title matches.

On April 4th, we will see Polaris Champ Champ, Ash Williams, put his lightweight title on the line against Polaris veteran and current Bellator fighter A.J. Agazarm.

After transitioning to mixed martial arts in 2019, Agazarm looks to get back in the grappling mix in a big way. Agazarm, whose last match was the explosive match against Benson Henderson (be sure to watch that by the way), is looking to avenge his most recent loss with some shiny new gold.

This is a real clash of styles with Williams being very technically orientated, with inventive submission entries, while Agazarm will be looking to dominate with his wrestling heavy game.

Agazarm is known for his frustrating behaviour, off and on the mats, so Williams will need to keep a cool head in order to keep the Polaris lightweight strap in Wales.

Polaris is available to watch live on UFC Fight Pass and tickets for the event are available to buy here.

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