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Polaris 12 Results

Polaris 12 Results

The 2019 finale of the Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational just concluded at the ICC Wales and it was a cracking night of action all the way from the prelims through to the main event. The results of Polaris 12 are below.

Polaris 12 Prelim Results

As always the Polaris prelim athletes bring it with 6 out of the 8 matches finishing via submission, and these aren’t just mismatched matchups with submissions in mind, these are some of the highest level athletes matched for exciting matchups. The standout performance was Espan Mathiesen’s pass > back take > armbar sequence against Bryn Jenkins.

Natasa Silviu Georgian defeats Jamie Hughes by Reverse Triangle
Fred Greenall defeats Shane Price by Armbar
Jeremy Skinner defeats Eoghan O’Flanagan by Inside Heel Hook
Frederic Vosgrone defeats Ash Amos by Guillotine
Craig Ewers defeats Liam Caan by Judges Decision
Stephen Ramos defeats Justus Goeschel by Judges Decision
Shane Fishman defeats Stefan Petrov by Inside Heel Hook
Espan Mathiesen defeats Bryn Jenkins by Armbar

Polaris 12 Main Card Results

PJ Barch vs Marcin Held

Our first main card match of the night featured 10th Planet’s PJ Barch go up again the formidable Marcin Held. Marcin, who’s known to be incredibly aggressive during his matches, unfortunately, didn’t have much of an answer for Barch, who overall had the lions share of the opportunities of the match up. Barch’s dominant performance over Held saw him take the first win of the night via judges decision. Beautiful PJ.

Winner – PJ Barch by Judges Decision

Devhonte Johnson vs Arya Esfandmaz

The second match of the night saw Arya Esfandmaz go up against Devhonte Johnson. Unfortunately, this match up turned into a bit of a stand-up stalemate, with Devhonte looking to push the action and Esfandmaz’s counter wrestling and Judo making it too difficult for Johnson to get any decent entries.

There was a small bit of ground action when Arya eventually decides to pull guard but that is short-lived.

Winner Devhonte Johnson via Judges Decision

Michelle Nicolini vs Vanessa English

Our only female bout of the evening sees returning women Michelle Nicolini and Vanessa English go against each other.

The match starts with an impressive takedown from English, with her looking to pressure the pass from top. The match continues with Nicolini looking to off-balance the British contender until eventually, she starts to attack her trademark toe hold submissions.

After a few scrambles and a few submission attempts, Nicolini manages to snatch one final toe hold for the win.

Winner – Michelle Nicolini via Toe Hold

Tommy Langaker vs Gilbert Burns

This match had all the makings of the fight of the night and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Tommy Lanagker who is known for an aggressive guard game was about to compete against currently UFC fighter Gilbert Burns in a Gi match.

The match starts off with Langaker looking for a flying triangle, which he’s able to us to sweep and attempt a bicep slicer. From there burns looks to stand and Langaker sits to guard. During a pressure passing sequence, Langaker is able to use the belt of burns to get up behind him to take his back in a very slick sequence.

Langaker pressures various attacks from the back with no avail, which sees Burns come on top again. Langaker attacks a triangle armbar in the dying seconds to help him secure a judges decision win over a formidable opponent.

Winner – Tommy Langaker by Judges Decision

Richard Alarcon vs Ash Williams (Bantamweight Title Match)

Our next match is for the vacant Bantamweight title and sees current lightweight champion ash Williams go up against the only person to submit Williams this year, Richard Alarcon.

The match starts with Williams taking down Alarcon in impressive fashion and both of them engaging legs, after an aggressive heel hook sequences Alarcon looks to bail out. During another scramble sequence, Williams ends up on the back of Alarcon, where he transitions to an armbar.

Here it goes one way where Alarcon refuses to tap until the inevitable arm break happens to end the match.

Winner – Ash Williams by Armbar

Nick Rodriguez vs Luke Rockhold

Our headline match of the evening sees ADCC silver medalist and BJJ Purple belt Nick Rodriguez go up against decorated grappler and former UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold.

The match unfortunate stays on the feet for the most the time and while it is physical and entertaining, not much comes from it apart from a takedown sequence which finds Rodriguez on Rockhold’s back.

When the match restarts Rodriguez holds on to Rockhold for the most position until the two final break away to continue from standing. The match is marred by the slow response from the first aid team to manage a cut on Rockhold’s head but the match is ultimately ended by a judges decision.

Winner Nick Rodriguez by Judges Decision 

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