Paige Van Zant Sex Tape Embarrassment At Airport

In a super awkward situation, ex-UFC fighter Paige VanZant accidentally told the airport staff about a sex tape she and her spouse, Austin Vanderford, made, because of a mistake with her flight reservation.

’12 Gauge’ posted on Twitter that when she was flying to Texas, she was asked to show proof of her identity before getting on the plane. The reservation had been made under her stage name, ‘VanZant’, and not her married name, ‘Paige Vanderford’.

The bare-knuckle boxer, who married Bellator star Austin Vanderford in September 2018, kept her maiden name because a lot of people already knew it and it tired into her brand.

When she was at the airport, the staff asked her to prove who she was since her plane ticket had one name and her passport had another. When she tried to show them her name on the internet, the first thing that came up was an article saying she and her husband had made a sex tape.

To her horror, airport security overheard the conversation and now everyone knows! This is just another example of how technology is advancing faster than ever and how it can have unexpected consequences.

During an online Q&A session earlier this year, fans asked VanZant if she and Vanderford had ever made a video. She said they had already made one, but that she wasn’t going to show it to anyone, let alone sell it on her platform.

VanZant joked that her followers probably started trying to find out more about the tape she posted about after reading her post. For now, she’s happy to keep sharing sexy pics on her website that only people with a subscription can see.

Paige VanZant in Professional Wrestling

At the age of 27, Paige VanZant recently switched from MMA and boxing to professional wrestling by signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She had not been doing so well in her first two bare-knuckle boxing matches, so she decided to try wrestling instead. It looks like she won’t be continuing with MMA or boxing anymore and will be sticking with sports entertainment.

However, she shared with ESPN that she wants to go back to the fighting arena and compete in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). She thanked BKFC for helping her out when she was transitioning after signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).