Onnit Kettlebell Review 2024

Onnit has become a name known by many in the fitness industry for their supplements and fitness equipment, thanks to a certain man, Mr. Joe Rogan.

Onnit is mostly known for their supplements, mostly Alpha Brain, however, they also have an incredible array of fitness equipment available, which are also some of the best in the industry.

Onnit is leaders when it comes to functional fitness and training which incorporates everyday movements, not just curling a dumbbell for hours.

Onnit also has its own onsite gym, known as the Onnit Academy in Austin Texas and it’s a functional fitness fanatic’s dream. Here they have sung the praises of one particular piece of equipment. The Kettlebell.

Onnit Kettlebells
Made from 100% cast iron, the Onnit Kettlebell is perfect for anyone looking to get some excellent functional fitness training at home or at the gym.
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Onnit Kettlebell Review

When it comes to kettlebell workouts, Onnit definitely knows their stuff, but do their own signature kettlebells stand up to the test?

In our Kettlebell review, we look at the construction, performance, durability and price of their standard kettlebell range and also look at their more fancier lineups.


When you first pick up the Onnit Kettlebell, you know it’s an incredibly premium product. The Kettlebell is constructed from solid cast iron and there are no visible welds, inserts or plugs. This is one hunk of metal to swing around.

Design and Finish

This cast iron construction gives the kettlebell a premium feel of durability and feels like a product you wont be replacing anytime soon.

Unlike other kettlebells, the Onnit kettlebell has a machine-finished flat bottom, which gives it excellent stability on the ground.

The Onnit kettlebell features a chip-resistant coating, which gives some texture to help you grip the product. 

This material is strong enough to stand up to regular punishment but not rough enough to start cutting up hands and forearms.

The kettlebell has a striking design on the front which features the signature Onnit logo and the weight of the kettlebell, so unlike other Kettlebell companies, finding the right weight won’t be difficult. The logo is onset inside the kettlebell and is painted a contrasting white.

Kettlebell Handle

Where a lot of kettlebell designs fall down is at the most important part of the tool, the handle. We’ve reviewed numerous kettlebells where the handle has been either too big or too small.

The Onnit Kettlebell’s handle measure at around 33mm in diameter and is on the thicker size. It’s a good overall size for multiple hands but small hands may struggle when gripping onto the Kettlebell.

Like the body, the handle also covered in the chip-resistant coating and gives just enough texture that it feels like it won’t slip out of the hand during a swing and that it’s not going to cut your hands up in the process.

Other kettlebells on the market either have a powder coating which typically provides an excellent grip, or they have a smaller steel grip, which allows for more rotation and manoeuvrability. 

Onnit’s patented coating is a mixture of the two giving a decent grip and good manoeuvrability. The best of both worlds.

Onnit Kettlebell Review [year]


Onnit pride themselves on their chip-resistant coating, stating on their website that the coating is excellent with, or without chalk.

To test this out we decided to try put this statement to the test by putting the kettlebell through some Russian Kettlebell swings with and without chalk. A Russian swing was chosen because of the dynamic movement of the exercise put the grip to work.

Without Chalk

Firstly without Chalk, the chip-resistant coating felt good in the hands. Its rigidity provides an excellent base for kettlebell swings.

Throughout the exercise I was pleasantly surprised with the grip it was able to provide throughout the swing. Which it does feel slicker than a powder-coated kettlebell, I wasn’t worried about it flying out of my hand mid-swing.

With Chalk

With chalk, the Onnit Kettlebell felt more “locked-in”. The chip-resistant coating took well to the chalk and I was able to move the kettlebell around confidently.

Due to the slicker feeling of the coating, this kettlebell would be good for someone who’s hands are a little bit more sensitive than others.


Over the course of all the test, I didn’t feel like there was going to be an issue with how this kettlebell was going to hold out.

The cast-iron construction and the chip-resistant coating did an excellent job of keeping the kettlebell as good as the day you bought it. This bell was dropped on occasion from waist height and it held up very well.

However, it was noted that the chip-resistant coating did start to wear away slightly on the bottom and the face of the kettlebell did get scratched over time. But none of that impacted performance.


The Onnit Kettlebell is a premium product so you can expect to pay a premium price a 4kg Kettlebell will cost you around $16 while a 32kg Kettlebell will cost you $115 for their standard kettlebells.

However, for the price, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to replace your kettlebell ever again, thanks to its incredible durability and you-guessed-it, the chip-resistant coating.

Primal, Zombie and Starwars Character Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebell Review [year]

As well as normal round kettlebells, Onnit also have a range of designed kettlebells, which are unlike anything else on the market.

These character kettlebells are made out of cast iron and are all 3D designed to ensure excellent weight distribution, featuring zombies, Apes or your favourite kettlebell, these will definitely make a statement in the home gym.


Kettlebells are the king of functional fitness, from swings to Turkish getups, they’re designed to get your core firing on all cylinders.

These are perfect for anyone looking to for accessory workouts for the Jiu-Jitsu of MMA training,

Even though they come at a premium price, these are kettlebells that are going to stand the test of time. There’s a reason Joe Rogan raves about these and it’s not just because Onnit is his company…

Onnit Kettlebells
Made from 100% cast iron, the Onnit Kettlebell is perfect for anyone looking to get some excellent functional fitness training at home or at the gym.
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.