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Make sure your stripes don’t fall off with this simple trick

Make sure your stripes don’t fall off with this simple trick

While some people don’t mind wasting tape reapplying their stripes too their belt, others (myself included) get a bit sick of finding tape stuck in the drum of their washing machine. However, with our secret weapon we will make sure your stripes stay on permanently!

And what is that secret weapon? Superglue.

A few little dabs of superglue on the tape before you apply your stripe will make sure your tag will stay on until you get your next belt.

However if you’re having trouble with this concept of superglue, or you happen to get it all over your fingers, I have done a simple Three step guide

Step 1 – Gather your tools

All you need is –

  • Your belt
  • Some fabric zinc oxide tape – Width 1.25cm
  • Superglue
  • Some scissors

 Step 2 – Get glued up

While you may cower at the fact your using superglue on your BJJ, rest assure that you’re only using a little. First cut a length of tape for your stripe, then get your superglue and dab a bit on the end of the tape.

Place your tape nice and straight on the seam of your belt and wrap it around a few times. Leave a little bit free at the end.

Step 3 – Seal it

Finally take your glue and seal your tape up with a bit more superglue. Give it all a squeeze to keep it secure and your done!

Now repeat with any other stripes that you may have.

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