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The Language of Jiu Jitsu

The Language of Jiu Jitsu

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You are learning to speak your first words. You do not fully understand them yet, but you are starting to build a vocabulary. You can sometimes get your point across with a single word, or two strung together, but that is usually by accident.


You have built up a word vocabulary and are even starting to use sentences. They are not always well punctuated, and are most often very simple. You are starting to notice the intricacies of those who write well, but you are unable to match their abilities.


You have a good understanding of how sentences are put together, and are finding ways to say the same thing using different approaches. You are working on proper grammar, and can now put together well structured paragraphs. You individual style is also starting to be reflected in your writing.


Your style of writing and ability is very well established. You are more than capable of writing a book.


You’re a poet. Words come to you like the artist you are and you can create flourishing sentences with a single stroke of a pen.


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