Kingz Gi Review (Updated 2024)

Kingz are a UK based company specialising in BJJ gi’s and other assorted BJJ related gear, such as training bags, training clothing, streetwear and other assorted accessories.

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They began operations in 2011 in the UK but have since exploded in popularity. They have since opened several more offices, including across the United States. Kingz state that regardless of whereabouts you live in Europe and the States, they can ship their products straight to you quickly and for extremely competitive prices.

You don’t have to deal with dealerships and middle-men; Kingz make it easy and efficient to just buy your gi’s straight from them through Amazon and their website. No inflated costs or long delivery times as there are zero middlemen to muddle things up. If you run your own academy or otherwise need to purchase high quantities of gi’s or other products, they even offer wholesale prices/agreements.

Arguably, the most famous athletes who endorse Kingz are Bruno Malfacine and Leandro Lo.

Bruno Malfacine is a 10 time IBJJF world champion at the black belt level and has been entertaining spectators for years with his flamboyant, attacking styles.

Leandro Lo is a 7 time IBJJF world champion spanning across three separate weight divisions. If you follow competitive BJJ at any level, you’ll no doubt heard of Leandro; one of the best pound for pound grapplers in the game today.

The Best Kingz Gi Reviewed

With great athletes like those endorsing the gi’s, you know you can’t go wrong by nabbing some of their products up for yourself.

Budget: Kingz Classic 3.0 BJJ Gi

Don’t let the word basic in it’s name deter you. This is far more than just a basic gi. It’s a testament to the quality control of Kingz that their entry-level gi is higher quality than a lot of the premium models that some of the more inferior companies have placed onto the market.

The Kingz name is well-know and well respected. This is a great starter gi that doesn’t look like a starter gi, so you won’t be putting a target on your back if you’re brand new to training.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a softer gi at the same price, let alone a better price. This is especially useful if you’ve just started your BJJ journey; gi’s can be a bit rough on the skin and generally uncomfortable to wear until you’ve got used to them, so you want every advantage you can have when starting out. It even comes with a free white belt so you don’t have to buy your own separately if you don’t already have one.

This gi comes in the three standard colours; white, blue and black. Some gyms will straight up not accept you training a gi that isn’t one of those three standard colours so with this gi from Kingz you’ll know that you won’t be breaking protocol or BJJ etiquette. Most competitions only allow white or blue gi’s, so it’s best to pick between those two colours if you have ambitions to compete. Though the black gi looks so good that it’s hard to resist.

This gi can be purchased in 12 different adult sizes to suit practitioners of all different sizes, though again, if you’re new, you’ll want to pick a gi that is slightly too big for you as you can expect them to shrink over the first few washes.

Competition: Kingz Nano Jiu-Jitsu Gi

The Nano is Kingz flagship competition/mid-range gi. Like most of the gi’s that Kingz produce, it’s available in white, blue and black and features a sleek, minimalist with the Nano brand logo on the upper right chest and logos on the shoulders/arms and on the back beneath the neck. This gives you a lot of blank space to work with and apply your own badges and patches. Though the gi still looks fantastic if you wish to keep it unadorned.

It comes 90% preshrunk which allows you to better choose the correct size as you can expect minimal shrinkage in the wash.

It has the tighter, more compact that you’d expect from a competition gi without being too short or tight and without prohibiting movement and fluidity. The length of sleeves and pants are also short and compact whilst still remaining 100% IBJJF legal, so no turning up to compete with your snazzy new gi and being turned away due to regulations, etc.

Every stress point features triple-stitched reinforcements to prevent any rips or tears at any point. The main gi is made from a single piece of fabric for superior strength and durability and there are double-reinforced knee pads on the pants to prevent any tearing there also.

The pants only weigh 8oz whilst still being as tough as possible so it can withstand the rigours of tough competition. BJJ can be a rough sport during training; with people pulling and grabbing at your gi without tenderness, but this is taken to the extreme in the competition environment. You can rely on the durability of this Nano gi from Kingz.

Premium: Kingz Balistico

The Balistico 3.0 takes everything the Balistico 1.0 does and takes it to the next level. The Balistico 1.0 was an amazing gi in it’s right but now Kingz have seemingly improved on perfection. If you owned the previous model, you can expect improved comfort, a better/more tapered fit and even more durability. This is a gi that not only is able to withstand harsh use in one-off competitions, but also the sustained and consistent beatdown that comes from training hard, week in and week out in the gym.

Kingz have included their No-Grip sleeve technology that, as the name suggests, makes it more difficult and uncomfortable for your opponent to grip your sleeves and use them against you. As you can imagine, this is a huge advantage when competing and you’ll be happy to know that this gi is still 100% IBJJF legal. When you’re competing, especially at the higher levels, you’ll want every little edge you can get, No-Grip technology is one such edge.