Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – Music To Fight To

This week has been quite a music inspired week. Travelling back and forth to cancelled gigs in the rain and enjoying some new music while in work, it gave me a chance to think about what type of music would I like to listen too when rolling.

What do you fight to?

Amped Up

As I’m quite a laid back person, I always feel the need to pump myself up before a hard training session. Often I can be found pulling into the car park with some metal blasting out of the car, preparing myself for the next two hours.

For me music is an important part of my life, up there with BJJ and emotionally the two walk hand in hand. Both deal with a number of emotions from highs to lows and both emulate the struggle of life (how insightful…).

Some people listen to laid back house to get them in the groove for rolling, some listen to gangster rap to get them on point, for me it’s all about hardcore metal and something with a really good riff.

My competition playlist

I have quite a lot of issues with competition, which I will go into during a later blog. My main issue is really keeping my head in the game and not get bored, psyched out or scared of the situation.

Anyway, I’ve put together an hour long playlist of tracks that will get me hyped up for fighting. While it doesn’t contain Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’, do expect a lot of screaming, heavy guitars and crushing riffs.

What music do you roll to?

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