The Jiu-Jitsu Gift Guide (Updated 2023)

Whether it be a birthday or just because Christmas is a lot closer then any of us would expect, there is always room for a Jiu Jitsu inspired gift for any family or friends who train in the gentle art.

The Jiu-Jitsu Gift Guide

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A new gi is an easy choice as a gift for someone who trains BJJ and you can’t go wrong with a high quality gi like the Tatami Estilo 5.0

The gi comes as a result of years of development by the Tatami professionals and with prominent Jiu Jitsu figures such as JT Torres sporting it, you would be in good company owning this particular gi.

The gi is adorned by the Tatami logo on the shoulders and on the gi pants. These are removable of course and the gi can be customised with the individuals own patches should they wish. There is a small embroidery on the front of the gi entitled “Estilo 5.0” in an attractive font that fits the theme of the gi nicely.

The jacket comes in a 55 GSM pearl weave jacket with 12oz cotton pants. This offers unrivaled strength and robustness which can handle any training you can throw at it.

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Another popular choice in gifts are fight shorts such as these Hayabusa kickboxing shorts. The name suggests an exclusivity to kickboxing but this is far from true and shorts such as these are omnipresent during nogi training sessions.

These Hayabusa shorts offer a side-split for complete range of motion and freedom when kicking, but this also transfers well to more flexible jiu jitsu practitioners. The shorts are made to fit and therefore are not held together by velcro or zips. The hybrid elastic waistband and drawstring provide a perfect fit and ensure these shorts won’t be sliding off during particularly sweaty rolls.

The shorts are described as being ultra-lightweight and will not hinder or slow down movements during training. As well as being practically useful the shorts also come in an assortment of attractive colour combinations for those who like to look stylish whilst choking people.

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One can’t go wrong with Scramble and this rashguard is no exception. Perhaps a tad gaudy for those who aren’t massive fans of Judge Dredd – nevertheless this rashguard is constructed of superior quality material which will last and it also deflects away moisture. This is a nice feature for long training sessions and will give the feeling of freshness for longer than the average rashguard.

The rashguard provides excellent skin protection too due to its high neckline and long sleeves and due to its sweat resistance it will also be a much easier task getting it off at the end of a tough session.

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An often forgotten but underrated item to aid any jiu jitsu practitioner is a good quality holdall. A perfect gift for those forgetful friends who remember everything but the essentials.

Again, the name Scramble signifies quality and this holdall is no exception. A versatile 3-way bag, this is for the hardcore practitioner who needs plenty of space. The holdall can be carried, thrown over the shoulder or worn like a rucksack due to well designed shoulder straps.

The holdall comes in a beautiful and elegant grey style that appears minimalist; in that it presents itself in a solid, block colour without extra frills. The volume is great too, with the bag boasting a generous 50L capacity which is perfect for anyone doing gi and nogi training on the same night.

 Sanabul Brand Gi Material Belts

Sanabul BJJ Belt White A3
  • Part of Your Story: Your belt goes with you on a multiyear journey of highs and lows, having the Sanabul logo on the tag is a big deal to us. That’s why we make belts that with withstand thousands...
  • Just What You Need: IBJJF legal, black bar for stripes, and of course, white through black. This is a BJJ belt through and through
  • Tested by Pros, Created for You: Some of the top competitors in the world rep Sanabul, like IBJJF Worlds Champion, and BJJ black belt Guilherme Bomba. Also, legendary Jiu Jitsu coach, John Danaher....
  • Superior Durability: This belt will withstand grueling training sessions and competitions
  • Please Measure Your Current Belt for Correct Size Selection. K0: 82.5” K1: 86.5” K2: 90.5” K3: 94.5” K4: 98.5" A0: 106” A1: 110” A2: 114” A3: 118” A4: 124”
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Many people who train keep the belt they receive at their grading for the entirety of that belts life. A belt which has seen plenty of hours on the mat is typically frayed and faded and is certainly a striking indicator of hard work. However, a brand new belt is a perfect gift for someone who has just been promoted or for someone who has lost a belt.

The Sanabul gi material belts offer a handmade, 100% cotton, premium quality belt made from Pearl weave kimono material. The tag line of the belt is that you will never go back to regular belts after trying a Sanabul and for good reason. The Pearl weave material ensures a long life with much less fading and fraying compared to regular belts. Also, the belt remains fixed during training with much less retying and fussing during rolls. The little extra price you have to pay for this premium quality belt repays itself in the long run.

Any of these products would make a fantastic gift for your friends or family who train BJJ. There is always something to be added to a practitioners equipment arsenal and you can’t go wrong with anything on this list.

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