The Jiu-Jitsu Gift Guide (Updated 2017)

You have a friend that enjoys Jiu-Jitsu? Their birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee they’ll be more than delighted with our choices as the list is carefully compiled to provide you with the best yet sensibly priced items adored by most of the customers on Amazon.

Tatami Estilo 5.0 Gi

The Tatami Estilo 5.0 gi is more than a perfect jiu-jitsu gift, with it’s first-class design inspired by competition and BJJ practice! Presenting you with the new Tatami logo, this gi also presents updated version with the notable Y shaped jacket vent. The Y shape offers an improved fitting across the body and delivers on a practical suit adapted even for the major moves. So to emphasize this high quality material as well we must mention all of the components this set includes starting with a 550GSM Pearl Weave Jacket and Canvas Pants. Not to forget it does have the athletic frame and overall pleasant looking design. The stitched cutting-edge patches are nice addition while the design itself is made to look durable yet light. We would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for something in the last minute.

SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults

The SISU Max NextGen Mouth Guard offers mouth protection with innovative design. This model delivers on a promise as it fits players age 11 and up, as well as adults, and is also great choice for football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, boxing and other high-impact team sports. This particular SISU’s NextGen model features improvements over their signature design that includes a broader bite pad and top quality mold-ability to guarantee a perfect fit. All SISU models can be rapidly and effortlessly molded (and re-molded) to the separate user at home with warm water. At only 2.4mm thick, or 30% thinner than predictable, immense mouth guards, players wearing the slim SISU Max NextGen can talk, inhale and hydrate typically with the guard in-place. With SISU guards, higher comfort does not mean less protection. The SISU Max NextGen is technically assembled with Diffusix technology, which utilizes a non-compressible, punctured fabric to distribute influence forces over a bigger area and reduce risk of dental damage during the tournament . SISU models can also be adapted with braces, but a dental expert should be notified for proper fitting (adult-sized mouth guard is suggested for all ages wearing braces). For beginner athletes, look for the SISU Junior NextGen. The SISU Aero NextGen offers an even thinner profile for youth and grownups while at the same price so any of the products in this range should do the job

itle-PriceHayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards

The Hayabusa Metaru Charged long sleeve shirt that is the most cutting-edge design series ever made. Starting off with exclusive, cutting-edge fabric, this premium quality shirt is intended for the maximum level of performance, while setting up higher standards in coziness, elasticity and thermoregulation. The Metaru Charged collection is also integrated with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and rivalry rules, which require attire colors to match the status of the athlete. The shirt features exclusive Ti-22 Titanium micro fibers and surprisingly supports athletes in their training process while ensuring the highest level of performance. It also optimizes body temperature to maintain healthy muscle function and provides breathable compression that also supports circulation.

Scramble Mitsu 3-Way Holdall Gear Bag

The Scramble Mitsu 3-Way Holdall Gear Bag that is originally intended to be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack with two subtly placed shoulder strips . The sleek design guarantees the durability as the bag itself is made to stand the test of time with strong zips, durable materials and compartments for storing everyday items as well as training gear. Not to forget there’s also a distinct section on the bottom of the bag for wet gear/shoes which allows you to store your shoes within the same bag as your clothes without having to deal with the dirt and smell as compartments are quite isolated from each other. This bag is an excellent choice for anyone starting off their training and in need of something practical as well stylish so we would recommend you buying this for your enthusiastic friend as they will appreciate this as an addition to their equipment.

Hayabusa Chikara 3 Fight Shorts

The Hayabusa Chikara 3 Fight Shorts are designed with cutting edge textiles that aim to provide top quality for both amateurs and professional athletes. These shorts also feature Hayabusa’s CombatTech fabric for the toughest of battles and Guardlock2 inner grip waistband that ensures a strong, secure fit Designed for maximum comfort and loose range of motion, these shorts are highest performing competition fight shorts ever created as the brand itself continues to evolve in comfort, quality and fit. Synonymous with performance, the Chikara 3.0 Shorts set the professional standard for all other fight shorts to be measured. From the non-slip rubber in the waistband to the three layers of Velcro these shorts are one of the best on Amazon. They’re thicker, more durable, and just better quality than most out there and when buying a gift this definitely should be your number one pick.

We hope this list helped you find your perfect Jiu-Jitsu gift whether you were looking to buy it for a friend or simply to treat yourself, this list aimed to provide you with top 5 unique yet inexpensive choices for the best Jiu-Jitsu gifts available to buy on Amazon. We looked into the statistics and tried to find the selection of products that will be both useful and interesting to buy as a gift. Our list doesn’t include pricey options but it does provide you with the selection of top quality products to ensure your satisfaction.

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