How to Stretch Your Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is a martial art that has stringent dress codes and limits the combatants’ freedom. You have a few alternatives, but they are all small, and there are strict limitations on any extra gear.

Another essential point to understand is that wrestling clothing is usually not interchangeable, thus you won’t be able to use gear from other martial arts. It’s – unfortunately or fortunately – rather unique and specialized. Today, we’ll speak about wrestling shoes, which are a crucial and useful component of their usage, as well as how to stretch your wrestling shoes.

What Are Wrestling Shoes?

The term wrestling shoes refers to a type of footwear worn by wrestlers, both in practice and in real fights. They are meant to simulate a bare foot and are extremely light, giving greater traction and ankle support.

A design such as this is chosen to safeguard both the wearer and the opponent since it minimizes the danger of injuries caused.

Because of this, wrestling shoes have a high top design and cushioned inner sides.

How Tight Should I have My Wrestling Shoes

When it comes to buying wrestling, the most pressing issue is how the shoes should fit and how tight they should be. They’re certainly snug, so there’s no doubt about that. But should they be too tight? The obvious and reasonable response is “no.”

Wrestling shoes should feel as though they aren’t there at all, so wearing them too tight will be an issue.

The shoe should be neither too tight nor too loose. Finding the right balance takes some trial and error. This is something we’ve discussed before, so go check out our guide on how to size and fit wrestling shoes for further information.

One disadvantage of being tight is that wrestling shoes are typically narrow and rigid, so they will initially tighten until you stretch them enough for them to be completely comfortable for you. As a result, in order to assist you with this, we’ll give you a short tutorial on how to stretch your footwear so that they fit you correctly.

How to Stretch Your Wrestling Shoes

But now, we’ll show you how to stretch your shoes so they fit you as comfortably as possible. There are a variety of options available. Some are easy, while others might require some work. Some methods are more successful than others. The important thing is that all of them can assist, so if you have the desire, try them out.

Let us see what you can do:

Break Wrestling Shoes In

The first and most fundamental thing you can do with any shoe is to break it in. Even if you find the ideal size, new shoes are typically rigid and narrow. Unworn shoes are similarly inflexible and narrow, and the best method to relieve that stiffness and shallowness is to wear them as much as possible until they become a natural

Warm Up Your Wrestling Shoes

We are not sure if it works 100%, but several people claim that it does. The technique is rather simple: wrap a pair of thick socks around your feet and force them into the shoes. Then, using a blow dryer, warm them up while moving your toes and fingers around within the sandals. Do so for several minutes before removing your

Spray Your Wrestling Shoes

If you’re in a hurry, special sprays, whose precise purpose is to soften leather shoes, might be worth a try. Their usage is usually straightforward, but don’t forget to study the instructions that come with them because there may be something useful for you.

Put Your Wrestling Shoes In The Freezer

This approach, like the one above, is similar. However, it may work. Fill a resealable bag half with water and place it in the shoe for 12 hours in the freezer. The ice will then melt and do all of the work for you. Remove the shoe from the freezer, leave it out for 15-30 minutes until the ice has melted, and then remove the bag. Your shoes should be stretched at this point.

Use a Shoe Stretcher to Stretch Your Wrestling Shoes

There are specialized sprays that can help with leather shoes, as well as a special gadget called a shoe stretcher that is used to stretch your leather shoes for you. It’s a useful tool that stretches your shoes according to your requirements and is readily available online or at stores.

Spray Your Wrestling Shoes with Alcohol

It’s bad for your health to drink alcohol, but it may be useful when it comes to your shoes. There are two methods of utilizing alcohol to stretch your footwear. The first is to spray or soak your boots in alcohol until they are just damp, then wear them and walk in them so that they expand. To soften and stretch the socks, soak them in vodka before pushing them inside the shoes.

Wet Newspaper Can be Used to Stretch Wrestling Shoes

This is a very easy trick. After you’ve finished with your papers, curl up some pages and wet them but don’t soak them. Let them dry completely before removing them from the shoes. Your shoes should be stretched after drying.

Stretch Your Wrestling Shoes With a Professional

If none of the methods described above work, you may simply pay a professional cordwainer (shoemaker) to do the task for you. However, because wrestling shoes are somewhat specialized, it’s best to visit someone who has prior knowledge so you can be certain.


On a final note, we have to reiterate that a good pair of wrestling shoes is essential. So, in order to get that good pair, you’ll have to break in your shoes so that they fit you perfectly. We have shown you how to do it, so we hope you’ll find out advice helpful at one point. That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more and see you next time!