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How to open the 50/50 guard with Gustavo Batista

How to open the 50/50 guard with Gustavo Batista

Anyone who’s never been trapped in the 50/50 Guard doesn’t know how frustrating it is.

However, everyone agrees that the 50/50 Guard is a great tool for attacking sweeps and footlocks. The problem is that many athletes use it to “tie” the fight and win by 2 points or an advantage.

However, it seems that Atos World Champion Gustavo Batista doesn’t have many problems with it! 

Who is Gustavo Batista?

Currently representing Atos Jiu-Jitsu under Andre Galvao, Gustavo Batista was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil. During his career in the coloured belts, he won everything he could and became popular as a brown belt, especially when he won matches against renowned veterans such as Xande Ribeiro.

Gustavo has an incredibly versatile game, which combines guard passes with a lot of pressure and an extremely offensive guard, Batista is one of the best black belts of today.

In his first year as a black belt, “Braguinha” has become Pan American and World Champion. In 2019, he continues on the rise and is the current European IBJJF Weight and Absolute Champion, after defeating Lucas Lepri in the finals.

In the video, “Braguinha” explains in detail how he positions himself to nullify and then pass the guard 50/50.

While this video is in Portuguese, according to Batista, these are the key points you need to open the 50/50 and complete the pass.

  • Make a firm plant with your foot on the pants outside the 50/50.
  • Position your foot close to your opponent’s hips to limit their movement.
  • Post and stand up, throwing your hips forward so you can get up.
  • Move your opponent’s feet backwards from both heels of the opponent and opening at 50/50.
  • Kneel on top of one of the legs, while getting rid of the stuck leg.
  • Complete the guard pass with a Leg Drag.


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