02/02/14 – You shall not pass!

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So Sunday’s training has been revamped and changed into two sessions, where it was just one session on Sambo, it has now been changed to one session of BJJ and on session of Sambo/takedowns, which is much more preferable.

guard passing


With the lesson only being an hour long there’s only so much time you can fit into a lesson. Today’s lesson focused on guard passing, with lots of fundamental drills to get our heart rates up and keep our feet warm in the cold, murky dojo that we train in on a Sunday.


There were no set techniques tonight, just lots of guard passing drills focusing on variations of the torreada pass. One of the club’s favourite passes was also covered this evening, the Leandro Lo variation of the torreada pass, which is also a personal favourite.


I was paired up with one of our MMA fighters, who is a bit of a machine, while only a white belt, during our situation guard passing I had difficulty retaining position against his speed, that’s something that needs to be worked on over the next few weeks. I was also in one of my relaxed rolling moods, which caused me to become lazy and give away a few silly subs. Oh well you live and learn.

Positive points

While the night was a bit of a smash fest, I did manage to do a bit of controlled aggressive rolling against an opponent, which felt pretty good.



The weekly Sambo session has been shortened down to just an hour, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier. For me stand up is probably one of my weaker flaws to train anything to do with takedowns is a must for me at the moment.


Today we focused heavily on the two on one grip and using it to control our opponents and eventually look for the take down.


This week’s sparring consisted of minute round shark tanks against 6 other people. Noticeable moments for me were being able to last the full six minutes and still be attacking, which is something I’ve not been able to do before.

Positive points

Tonight I’ve had a massive break through with my take downs, for months I’ve been working on my drop seonagi’s, thanks to watching Rodolfo Vieira’s moroto Seonagi’s, and during sparring, I finished it multiple times against a number of different opponents. I just need to perfect it, so I don’t have my back taken.

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