Grappling Industries’ World Championship features FREE Entry for Every competitor

Since its inception, Grappling Industries has made waves in the competitive Jiu-Jitsu scene. From allowing reaping, kneebars and toe holds for Blue belts and above to implementing their own points system, Grappling Industries have surpassed the more established brands such as Naga in terms of growth and profit and now they have their eyes set on the IBJJF.

But how do they compete against a brand which is at the core of the BJJ competitive scene? Why starting their own World Championships. So what? You’re thinking… They aren’t the first competition company to promote their own World Championship? 

Well, Grappling Industries have an ace up their sleeve… Free entry!

That’s right, Grappling Industries have decided to forego the entry fee for their inaugural World Championship competition, for all belt levels.

Held in Dallas, Texas, at the Europa Games, on June 20th and June 21st, Founder of Grappling Industries David Aguzzi make this announcement on his Facebook page.

I never wanted to create a titled event if it was not the right moment and without it being special in some way.

A lot of other promotions have created a worlds, nationals, and euros way before the time was right for them to perhaps do so; without perks to make those events more special than their others.

In 2019 our brand became the only more producing international tournament brand than the IBJJF by 30 tournaments. With that accomplished, it was time to start looking at ways of creating some extra special events such as a few titled events.

WORLDS should seek the best competitors, not the ones with enough regional ranking points or sponsors to pay their fees.

With all this said, it is time to announce the first ever Grappling Industries WORLDS Edition which will take place in DALLAS at the very famous Europa Games Expo on June 20 and 21.

This event will be FREE to all competitors to register for. The idea being that a true WORLDS should seek the best competitors, not the ones with enough regional ranking points or sponsors to pay their fees.

All competitors will also additionally receive FREE admission to the Europa Games Expo. On the Sunday afternoon, we will as well be hosting a 3 hour SPECIAL SEMINAR ($75 to participate in) with Australian super star grappler Craig Jones which registration will be open for shortly from now.

Grappling Industries are also looking to put a special three-hour seminar with Australian grappler Craig Jones for just $75, which is also an incredible steal.

With announcements like this and their recent expansion into Europe over the past year, Grappling Industries are hot on the heels of the IBJJF… Watch out.

You can sign up for the Grappling Industries World Championship, here.

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