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The Gracie brothers faces their critics about Gracie University

A quick summary for those who don’t have time to watch the video right now (I would encourage everyone to watch it when they can, there are a lot of good points in there):

Rener says his comments about training online through Gracie University being better than training in a school were taken out of context. He said certain aspects were better, such as being able to re-watch a video over and over, but that training in a school with an instructor and good training partner is better and should be everyones first choice.

They will be making changes to Gracie University to help people find local schools (they did not say CTC here, and it wouldn’t make sense if they did since the site already helps you find a local CTC), and they encourage everyone to train in person and do the videos, pointing out the benefits of an instructor feelng the technique and training with different body types.

Then they show a video of a guy talking about training in the rural North Dakota with no instructors nearby as an example of why Gracie University was created.

Then Ryron and Rener announce that they spoke to their uncles and have decided that from now on video grading will only get you a “Technical Belt” and that to get an official blue belt you have to do the test with a black belt in person.

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