BREAKING: Gordon Ryan & Craig Jones Move to Puerto Rico

Since Gordon Ryan decided to sell his $1.2 million New Jersey home, the BJJ community has been wondering where is Gordon Ryan moving too. Well, today we can reveal all.

Rumours have flown around, and a lot of people, ourselves included, initially assumed he would be moving to US states such as Texas or Florida, due to the fact, COVID restrictions are a lot easier, Jiu-Jitsu is thriving in these states currently or the fact that both the states voted Republican in the recent US Presidential elections.

But it looks like Gordon will be moving further afield, overseas infact. Today we can reveal that Gordon Ryan is moving to… *Drum Roll*

Puerto Rico!

That’s right, Gordon, Nicky, Ethan and Craig Jones are all moving to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

While it’s known the Nicky and Ethan have been living with Gordon and Naty in their New Jersey home, the revelation that Craig Jones will also be joining them out there has come at a surprise.

This move has been confirmed to us by an incredibly reliable source, who has had it confirmed by multiple reliable sources.

Why Puerto Rico?

While this hasn’t been confirmed by the GOAT of grappling yet, we can easily assume it is down to the sun, sea, sand and grappling. Or the fact that Gordon isn’t happy about the potential tax increased by the Democratic party, which he is incredibly vocal about on his social media.

He will be joining ADCC organiser Mo Jassim, on the beautiful island, who is also very close to Ryan and the Death Squad.

Puerto Rico is also a bit of an untapped grappling haven. With travel accessibility, Gordon and the rest of the squad still have the ability to travel anywhere in the world.

Now the legions of die-hard Gordon Ryan fans have their answer.