Gordon Ryan Admits a Broken Ankle on his Way to Fight Pass Invitational Win

In a match that went the distance into EBI Overtime, Gordon Ryan emerges victorious against former teammate Nicky Rodriguez.

As a last-minute replacement for Vinny Magalesh, who was admitted to the hospital due to severe weight cutting. The UFC called upon Nicky Rod to compete against Gordon Ryan in the headline match of the UFC Fight pass Invitational.

The match is a cagey affair with Rod looking to play a cautious game against “The King”, who was looking to take his second win against the B-Team competitor.

As the match went on, Ryan entered a leg entanglement with Rod and during the transition, Rod rips on a tight toe hold, as the crowd cringes at some audible pops coming from Ryan’s foot.

In the Press conference afterward, Ryan admitted that Rodriguez broke his ankle.

Oh yeah, that [pop] was my ankle,” said Gordon. “I was trying to switch to a Fifty-Fifty heel hook and I wasn’t respecting his mechanics, because I know he doesn’t do leg locks that much.

I was trying to figure out how to transition from an Achilles grip to a heel hook grip and while I was doing that, he put on a toe hold, and then he just ripped it as hard as he could, and my leg broke.

Aside from the leg break, Gordon would see the match through to Overtime where he was put into more bother by Nicky Rod. With an escape that was already the fastest, Ryan would need to ride out a tight face squeeze from Rod to secure the victory.

I was looking at the timer and all I remember is my teeth getting squeezed through my lip, and I clearly looked at the timer and it clearly hit two minutes,” said Gordon in the press conference.

I think the referee didn’t hear the person call time, so when it hit two minutes, I counted to five and the match still hadn’t stopped, and I just feel my lips getting pushed through my lip. So I pointed at the timer, and then I tap, and I’m like the match has been over for ten seconds.

After that Gordon Ryan was declared the winner of the UFC Fight pass invitational match by way of the fastest overtime escape.