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The Definitive Guide to the BJJ Gi Size Chart

The Definitive Guide to the BJJ Gi Size Chart

You’re looking to get into BJJ, or maybe you’ve lost a couple of pounds and you’re old gi‘s are starting to hang off you like a skeleton. So now you’re asking, “what size BJJ gi am I?”, well we’re here to help you out with our definitive collection of the most popular BJJ gi sizing charts.

So What Sized Gi Should You Get?

Well in short, it depends on your brand. Like normal clothes, different companies have different sizing specifications, sometimes a little sometimes significant.

BJJ companies often claim that their gis come pre-shrunk and 90% of the time that just isn’t the case, you can expect your gi to shrink considerably through regular use, so consider that when you’re buying, a gi which might look huge when you first buy it might shrink down to your best fitting gi, or it might not, but you should always keep shrinkage in the back of your mind.

Different BJJ Brands use different sizing.

It’s good to reiterate this because not all fit the same, and a lot of this is due to company specification, a shoyoroll gi is known to be a slimmer cut than a gameness gi, so it’s always important to read the charts on the website before placing your order. 

BJJ Gi vs Judo Gi sizes

While the BJJ Gi and the Judo Gi are basically the brother and sister of the Gi world, their cut, fit and sizing is completely different, the BJJ gi is the slimmer more athletic version of the heavyweight Judo gi, which is designed to be baggy for easier gripping.

 The differences also come in how their are sized, while Judo gi’s go off specific measurements, BJJ Gi’s go by a standard Letter and number system, And example of this is the size A2, which in normal everyday terms would be an adult medium fit. BJJ Gis are more specific about their weight and heights than normal clothing.

But also gone are the days of a simple A1 to A5 system, these days you have intermediate lengths for people who are taller or shorter, for example, an A2L for longer limbs or A2S for shorter limbs.

You also have female cuts which are labelled F0 to F5, there are cut more for the feminine form as normal Adult gi’s fail to take that into consideration.

Finally, you’ll have youth sizes, which come in at M0000 to M5, which covers a huge range of sizes and heights since kids grow much faster than adults.

BJJ Gi Size Charts

Below we’ve collated some of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most popular brands and gone over their sizing charts so you can have them all in a very handy place.

Fuji Gi Size Chart

When you think of Fuji, you think of martial arts. Fuji are one of the leading manufacturers of martial arts equipment and they’ve also kitted out some of the best gyms in the world.

The Fuji gi size chart is an accurate representation of how your gi will fit in years to come, one of the best things about Fuji gis is that they really do shrink their gis down to the right size so you shouldn’t have to worry about sizing issues after a couple of washes.

Venum Gi Size Chart

Known for the MMA gear Venum are also known for producing incredibly high-quality Jiu-jitsu gis. These gis are known to run quite big, so make sure you check out the sizing before purchasing.

Tatami Gi Size Chart

One of the most well-known BJJ brands in the world, Tatami Fightwear have got their gi sizing down to a T. However these gis do shrink a bit in the wash so make sure you size appropriately. Tatami Fightwear has various size charts for all their different Gis, which can be found at their care guide, here.

Scramble Gi Size Chart

Known for their athletic fit Scramble Gis run on the slim side so make sure you look at the size chart to make sure you get the right size for your body type.

Kingz Gi Size Chart

Kingz gis are similar to cut and feel as a scramble gi, so they are more on the slimmer side than others. Be aware that their ultralight gis have slightly different sizings.

Hyperfly Gi Size Chart

Formally Do or Die, Hyperfly gis follow the same path as most modern BJJ gi developers and have a slim body and slim trouser legs, they do cater for in-between sizes also.

Shoyoroll Gi Size Chart

The ones that started the slimmer Gi trend. Shoyoroll were innovators back in the day with limited released kimonos that were highly sought after. Shoyoroll say that their gis are sized bigger to compensate for shrinkage, which they do, a lot.

Manto Gi Size Chart

Elite Gi Size Chart

Hayabusa Gi Size Choice

Atama Gi Size Chart

Bad Boy Gi Size Chart

Gameness Gi Size Chart

Keiko Gi Size Chart

Ronin Gi Size Chart

Maeda Gi Size Chart

Koral Gi Size Chart

Storm Gi Size Chart

Hypnotik Gi Size Chart

93 Brand Gi Size Chart


The key thing to remember is shrinkage when it comes to buying a BJJ gi. As you’ve probably seen, gi sizes vary a lot so it’s always important that you do your research before venturing out into the big wide world of Jiu-Jitsu kimonos.

One word of advice, do you have a friend that has a similar gi to one that you want to try? Try on the jacket before class and see how it fits! Maybe don’t after class because it will be stretched and sweaty by then…

Follow these steps and with some luck, you’ll get a Jiu-Jitsu gi that will fit you well for years to come. Happy purchasing!

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