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Get a BJJ black belt for just $150,000

Get a BJJ black belt for just $150,000

So people have always ridiculed instructors who can be bought for a black belt. It waters down the sport and dilutes the image, turning BJJ into nothing more than a McMartial Art like Taekwondo. However, Erik Owings, a Renzo Gracie black belt, has decided to capitalise this. Owings has worked the numbers out and has worked out his own course that will take you from white to black in 3 years, for a mere $150,000. Owings’ offered up his idea on his Facebook page stating…

I used to joke that I would give a blackbelt to anybody for $100,000. Even let them choke me out on youtube. However I have spent some time thinking about it and I created a course that allows me to teach somebody how to achieve their blackbelt in three years. Privates and Group classes are required and it will take a time investment of 1,200 hours of training and will cost $150,000. Need at least 2 people to take part in the program and you can become a legit bjj blackbelt in 3 years. Wouldn’t be IBJJF recognized buy you would have the skills. Check out the program below. I know this will offend some old schoolers, but think about how many guys who are life timers and still suck. Time sometimes correlates to skill, but the real issue is not having the right info for each scenario. I will only accept 4 people per 3 year term. 3 years is the minimum the time it would take the average practioner training 5 hours per week would be 4-5 years. This offer is serious.
*Price is Per Person / 2 Person Minimum

Blue Belt Course

Course Duration: minimum 12 weeks
Required Training:100 hours of technical instruction
20 hours of sparring
Cost: $15,000*

Purple Belt Course

Course Duration: minimum 24 weeks
Required Training: 200 hours of technical instruction
40 hours of sparring
Cost: $30,000*

Brown Belt Course

Course Duration: minimum 36 weeks
Required Training: 300 hours of technical instruction
60 hours of sparring
Cost: $45,000*

Black Belt Course

Course Duration: minimum 48 weeks
Required Training: 400 hours of technical instruction
80 hours of sparring
Cost: $60,000*

Ottavia Bourdain earns her BJJ Brown belt
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