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FightCamp Review 2022 – Your at Home Boxing Gym

FightCamp Review 2022 – Your at Home Boxing Gym

If you’ve been active on MMA and boxing social media the past year or two, it’s likely you’ve seen “FightCamp”. This high-tech home workout is following the same route as the popular home workout system Pellaton, but instead of a bike, you have a boxing bag and gloves!

In this review, we will be doing a complete breakdown of this home boxing system, giving you a full comparison to rivals and even joining your own local boxing gym.

What is FightCamp?

Similar to Peloton’s home biking workout, FightCamp follows a very similar structure. Since the pandemic, people have been looking for ways to get a good workout in, and the market is wide open for innovative ways to “gamify” your workouts to make sure they don’t become repetitive or boring.

FightCamp pits you against your fellow online participants and also yourself, challenging you to go head to head with the class to be at the top of the leaderboard, or beat your own personal score.

FightCamp features many unique things that will keep you coming back for more, these include;

  • Personal Bluetooth punch trackers which output your data
  • A weighted heavy boxing bag for your workouts
  • Virtual classes lead by some of the worlds leading boxing and fighting coaches
  • A friendly community of likeminded individuals that will encourage you to keep showing up to class

What’s Included with FightCamp?

The key selling point of FightCamp is their Bluetooth punch trackers that you slip into your hand wraps. These innovative Bluetooth devices track things such as;

  • Total punches thrown
  • Average punch velocity
  • Punching output

The fitness tracker is closely related to the fitness app on Apple+ and less like Whoop or Peloton. 

All of this punch tracker data is recorded on their app during your workouts, which as of right now is only compatible with Apple’s iOS.

The downloaded app also features over 1000 different workouts designed from beginner to advanced and has a huge variety, meaning that you shouldn’t ever get bored with what’s on offer.

Sadly the classes are not live or interactive such as Peloton, but the updated leaderboard helps you stay motivated when you really want to get the most out of your workout. FightCamp gives you the option to go toe-to-toe with one other use to make things more engaging. Here you can compete for the highest “punch output” which is FightCamps algorithmic formula that takes things such as “speed, intensitive and technique” into consideration. Whether or not this actually has any real-life benefits when it comes to actual sparring, the ability to compete with people albeit virtually is always appreciated.

FightCamp also syncs with music apps such as Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music so you can sync your workout to one of their many tailored workout playlists.

The free-standing punching bag is also of excellent quality. The base of the free-standing bag can be filled with water or sand and also includes a floor mat to help with extra grip on wooden floorings. Overall the quality of the free-standing bag is great. However, anyone with real technique may have to ship to something more heavy-duty.

How Much Does FightCamp Cost?

FightCamp comes with three package options available to buy.

FightCamp Personal package – $1,219

This is the standard membership for FightCamp and comes with everything needed to get yourself up and running. This includes;

  • A Set of Boxing gloves
  • A free-standing punching bag
  • A set of hand wraps
  • Bluetooth punch trackers
  • A workout mat

FightCamp Tribe – $1,349

The FightCamp package for the whole family! This complete package includes everything you need to get the whole family involved.

  • 2 sets of boxing gloves
  • A set of kids’ boxing gloves
  • 2 sets of hand wraps
  • Bluetooth punch trackers
  • Free standing heavy bag
  • A Heavy Workout mat

FightCamp Connect – $439

The most basic of FightCamp packages comes with the bare essentials. Designed for someone who already has a home boxing gym and wants a better boxing workout from FightCamps boxing classes.

  • A set of hand wraps
  • Bluetooth punch trackers

To fully utilise FightCamp’s system, you will also need to subscribe to their $39 a month membership.

FightCamp also allows you to purchase the equipment through their simple financing plans. A 24-month FightCamp finance plan works out at $51 a month for the Personal Plan, $56 a month for the Tribe Plan. Their Connect Plan can also be purchased on a 12-month finance agreement at $37 a month. Please note that the financial plan does not include the $39 a month membership.

Which FightCamp Plan is Right for Me?

The beauty of FightCamp is that you are able to create multiple accounts from the same membership. This means that if you have a partner or kids who want to get in some workouts, you’re able to do so without any additional costs. This means that you can purchase third-party boxing gloves and kids boxing gloves.

With this in mind, we would recommend purchasing the FightCamp Personal package, unless you want to be shelling out an extra $130 for gloves and hand wraps.

If you’re looking to add FightCamp into your everyday boxing workout and you already own boxing gloves, a heavy bag or a free-standing bag, then we would recommend the Connect account so you can get the Bluetooth punch trackers.

Can I Use My Own Boxing Equipment?

If you already have your home kitted out for boxing, then you can 100% use your own equipment. However, it is recommended by FightCamp to wear their hand wraps as they are specifically designed for the punch trackers.

The FightCamp Class Experience

While not live like Peloton, the FightCamp classes are surprisingly good. Currently, the app features over 1000 classes, ranging from beginners to advanced. It’s been noted by boxing professionals that the classes teach technique incredibly well and the workouts are challenging even for combat sports veterans.

Classes feature a variety of boxing and kickboxing workouts and customisable rounds. Each class features a thorough warmup and cool down.

It can be frustrating to keep track of your class on a small iPhone screen. However, this can be remedied with the ability to cast the workouts to a larger screen such as your TV. So if you have a tv in your home gym with this ability, this works flawlessly.

Each workout class gives you a goal for your punches and you can monitor this in real-time on an overlay of the class, however, it has been noted that this can get boring, but the classes keep things entertaining.

The boxing workouts and classes themselves are great and honestly don’t benefit from the actual punch trackers themselves. Something to note if you’re considering getting the trackers.

FightCamp Membership Costs

Currently, a monthly membership to FightCamp costs $39 a month, which does seem a little expensive. However, there is no membership contract so you can cancel, even if you have to go through the annoying effort of emailing their customer service directly.

Should You Tray Fight Camp?

The FightCamp ecosystem is overall really great, however, it does come with a few issues that you need to make sure you can manage before you purchase your gear.

Firstly, space. FightCamp says that you need an 8-foot by 4-foot area for your punching bag, however, it’s been noted that you generally need more space as the workout mat and heavy bag take up a lot of space, especially if you have a small flat.

Currently, the app only works on Apple devices and following a workout can be tiresome on a small screen. This can be remedied with Apple AirPlay, however, you also need a TV that is compatible.

Is FightCamp Worth It?

Like always it really does depend on your goals, if you want to train boxing at home without the worry of going to a gym then definitely.

If you crunch the numbers a 12-month membership to FightCamp, plus the initial purchase of the Personal package comes to $1,687.

The average yearly cost of a boxing gym in the United States comes to around $1300, not including initial purchases of boxing gloves, branded gym workout gear, fuel, etc.

So overall they come to about the same amount of money, so if you want to get a good boxing workout at home, FightCamp is definitely worth the monthly fee.