Fight To Win Pro 14 Results: AJ Agazarm vs Vagner Rocha Boils Over

After their heated debate on the Inside BJJ podcast and their intense stare down at weigh ins, AJ Agazarm and Vagner Rocha finally get to settle their differences on the mat.

The hotly anticipated match did not disappoint last night as the heated grudge match reached boiling point  when Vagner Rocha almost got. himself DQ’d. At one point in the match Wagner, aggressively grabbed Agazarms head, in a grip exchange, which some think looked hard enough to be an actual strike. When AJ got up and disengaged from the match Wagner, then decided to kick AJ off the stage in 300 “This is Sparta” style, sending him hurtling into the crowd.

Fight To Win promoter Seth Daniels took to the stage to calm matters down, later posting to Facebook that he wasn’t prepared to DQ Rocha on the basis that he did not want to deny AJ the match, and that Rocha would have been DQ’s under normal circumstances.

Rocha was declared winner via unanimous decision. Agazarm was visibly upset, typically played along to his heel role by inciting the crowd to drown out Rocha’s post-match interviews with boos.

Agazarm’s Gracie Barra coaches nearly became involved in an altercation with promoter Seth Daniels following the end of the event, displeased at the result and how the match was handled.

It looks like there’s still bad blood between Rocha and Agazarm, so here’s to fight number 3!

Black Belt Results

Vagner Rocha defeats AJ Leão Agazarm via decision
Kevin Peterson defeats Renato Tavares via triangle
John Troy Hanson defeats Josh Best via decision
Sean Wells defeats Ben Zapata via decisoin
Tubby Alequin defeats Melissa Bentley via bow and arrow choke
Marcos Flores defeats Da
Suraj Budhram defeats Thasio Feliz via decision
Jose Laguer defeats Efrain Ruiz via decision
Stevie Linton defeats Fred Ranie via decision
Coringa Conway defeats Avery Mcphatter via split decision
Oscar Alejandro Cardona Aristizabal defeats Jason Jimenez via decision

Brown Belts

Kevin Gallagher defeats Jarrod Anderson via decision
Suraj Budhram defeats Ian Murray via decision (Fight of the Night)
Luis Mata defeats Michael Eikenberry via triangle (Submission of the Night)

Purple Belts

Colton Jacob Mobsby defeats Spencer Mummee via decision
Jason Hayden defeats Dylan White via heel hook
Zachary Kenneth Allen defeats Tim Palmer via triangle
Edwin Mosmiller defeats Scot Simpson via armbar
Jonata Gomes defeats Kyle Rodewald via armbar
Patrick Charles Hamilton III defeats Brandon Diaz via choke
Lauren Brown defeats Jasmine Bienvenue via decision
Kevin Martincowski defeats Brett Behers via submission


Ryan Stolberg vs Caleb Robinson via decision
Kaelyn defeats Ariel Pamer via armbar
Jasmine Johnson defeats Angelica Angeles via kimura
Jessa “Lady Armbar” Khan Fan Page defeats Savonnah Devouxoux via armbar
Jace Brownlow defeats Raymond Martinez via choke

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