Fight 2 Win 166 Black Belt results

This weekend saw Fight 2 Win (F2W) return for its 166th outing. The promotion is ran by Seth Daniels and the US-based promotion is on practically every week or so. Not only this but it also has some of the top talent in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competing on a regular basis.

F2W 166 was no different, and here are the black belt results:

Rafael Lovato Jr defeats Gabriel Almeida via Submission – Kimura
Alexandre Ceconi defeats James Puopolo via Decision (FOTN)
William Tackett defeats Manuel Ribamar via Submission – Heelhook (SOTN)
Joshua Cisneros defeats Lucas Pinheiro via Decision
Nick Ronan defeats Justin Renick via Decision
Gleidson Cutis defeats Joshua Sharpless via Decision (FOTN)


The main event saw BJJ veteran Rafael Lovato Jr defeat Gabriel Almeida with a Kimura lock. This was a gi match as Lovato Jr is versatile in both gi and nogi. He managed to eventually pass the guard of Almeida and get side control. After switching to north-south, he got a Kimura grip and got the finish.

The co-main event featured Will Tackett vs Manuel Ribamar. This saw Tackett defeat Ribamar in a matter of seconds with a lovely outside heel hook. Tackett managed this entry by jumping into it from his feet. As ever, the flying heel hook is a beautiful sight to behold. This earned Tackett the submission of the night.

Elsewhere, the other matches where decided on decision. As F2W often goes to decision due to its ruleset, this is nothing new for the promotion. F2W 167 is already scheduled for March 20th and is set to have some equally big matches with the likes of Victor Hugo vs Tim Spriggs and Kennedy Maciel vs Gabriel Sousa.