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Fight 2 Win 145 Results

Fight 2 Win 145 Results

The main event of Fight 2 Win 145 saw the return of jiu-jitsu legend Xande Ribeiro as he faced ADCC veteran Gabriel Almeida in gi in a quick and action-packed final for another great night of matches in Dallas.

The match started with a bang, with Ribeiro throwing on a flying triangle within seconds of the start of the match and Almeida recovering and throwing immediately on one foot. After they were both out of immediate danger, the match slowed slightly as Almeida worked his guard while Ribeiro tried to pass. A brief scramble resulted in Ribeiro picking up Almeida, but Almeida managed to escape both back control and then Ribeiro’s subsequent attempts to work from above.

Ribeiro then decided to pull his guard but managed to make his way to the top position. Almeida then reversed the position, but his time at the top was short-lived as Ribeiro returned to his overtaking attempts under pressure. Ribeiro worked his way from the quarter guard, switching from backhand attack to the start of a head-to-arm choke before getting his foot out and making his way through an attempted armband. Although Almeida successfully defended for a short period, Ribeiro managed to extend his arm and get the tap.

Fight 2 Win 145 Results

Black Belts

  • Alexandre Ribeiro Submits Gabriel Almedia via Armbar
  • Garry Lee Tonon Submits Osvaldo Quexinho Moizinho via Inside Heel Hook
  • Gilson Nunes Submits Vini Nunes via Triangle
  • Danilo Moreira defeats Dylan Whyte via No Arm Triangle
  • Lucas Lima defeats Edmaicon Moares via Split Decision
  • Henrique Rossi defeats Willis Nunes via split Decision
  • Josh Pike defeats Edras Junior via Split Decision
  • Silvio Duran defeats Juan via Garcia Decision
  • Tiago Pereira Submits Jimmy Lugo via Armlock
  • Jose Alencar Submits Jay Shellhammer via Armbar
  • Diego Dias Ramalho defeats Alex Larmey via Decision

Brown Belts

  • Tyler Murrah defeats Bobby Alexander (Retains Masters Middle Weight Title)
  • Samuel Nagai Submits Eric Coe Choke (New F2W Welterweight Champ)
  • Colton Roelfs Submits Wally Thompson via Kimura
  • Jorge Mezaa Submits Levi Moura via Cloverleaf
  • Felipe Timóteo Submits Nick Hensley via Choke
  • Rene Sousa Submits Daniel Roy via Heel Hook
  • Brittney Elkin defeats Bailey Luttrell via Decision
  • Noel Morgan defeats Jeff Horn Jr via Split Decision
  • Italo Lima defeats Theo Lee via Decision
  • Troy Edmond Russell Submits Andrew Franco via Triangle

Purple Belts

  • James Tyson Submits Isaac Rodriguez via Heel Hook
  • David Weintraub defeats Ermeson Rogério Ribeiro de Sousa via Decision
  • Michael David Haynes Moller defeats Dmitri Thompson via decision
  • Spencer defeats Spencer Fossier via split Decision
  • Gabriel Aguiar Costa Submits Mason Roy via Kneebar
  • Erica Snow Barnes defeats Minah Turner via decision

Blue Belts

  • Marco Mendes Submits Colby Hernandez via Armbar
  • Dylan Cordell defeats Josue Alvarado via Decision
  • Cody Creamer defeats Matthew Falavinha Americana


  • Andrew Degraff Submits Landon Richards via RNC
  • Hope Russell Submits Amanda Lopez via Ezekiel Choke

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