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Enyo Grappling: An Exciting New Female-Only Sub Grappling Invitational

Enyo Grappling: An Exciting New Female-Only Sub Grappling Invitational

The growth of female submission grappling over the last few years has dramatically been on the rise. The sport has produced some incredible stars such as Mackenzie Dern, who now fights in the UFC, Danielle Kelly, who is contracted to grapple on One Championship and Ffion Davies, one of the UK’s best exports in the sport.

Now a new submission grappling promotion is taking the lead to push the women in the sport further. Organised by women’s only grappling apparel Rainha Fightwear owner Joanne Wellsted, Enyo Grappling wants to push international female athletes to the next level and give up-and-coming names an opportunity to compete on the big stage.

“Enyo is a female lead grappling competition, with the aim to highlight and platform the myriad of exceptional female fighters who are currently underserved by existing grappling shows,” says Joanne. “The last six to eight years have seen a boom in not only female participation within Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and other grappling sports, but somewhat of an explosion of amazing female talent competing at the highest level. However, this rise in visibility, participation, and success has not translated to adequate representation on major grappling shows.”

“So, we created this event to showcase the incredible skill, technicality, and talent of the women in the sport, but also to draw a line in the sand and show that women’s grappling sells seats. That the athleticism and technicality typically on display in female matches is enough to draw an audience, not just the names of women who have proven themselves exceptional at the highest levels of competition, but home-grown up and coming talent also.”

“We want the women of our sport to have the same opportunities to test themselves, prove themselves, promote themselves, and be exposed to the same opportunities as their male counterparts, not just in terms of potential sponsors, but also opportunities to compete in the more established shows.”

“Whilst the show itself is female-lead, this is not to say that it is anti-man either, and while we’re not only trying to showcase the female grapplers, but want to show off the amazing female refs, commentators, and judges also, the level of support and interest we’ve received from men in the sport who are keen to get involved and help where they can has been overwhelming. So we will have a mixed commentary team in the form of Vanessa English and Dan Strauss, a mixed judging panel, and mixed floor staff.”

Enyo Grappling happens on August 20th at the Central Hall in Southampton. Streaming details will be available soon.


Here is the current list of matches happening at the upcoming Enyo Grappling Invitational

Black Belt

Ffion Davies vs Zofia Szawernowska

Rose-Marie El Sharouni vs Chelsea Leah

Phoebe Vaughn vs Arizona Mercedes Brodie

Brown Belt

Rosa Walsh vs Abbie O’Toole

Emily Eyles vs Hayley Carter

Purple Belt

Lisa Major vs Danielle Tighe

Angelika Glapiak vs Amanda Pamela Schurtz

Rosie Clark vs Helen Harper

Erin Beaumont vs Deborah Drapper

Violet Bennett vs Morena Brandao

Blue Belt

Shanelle Dyer vs Moti Takoingi

Tia Barkhman vs Charlie Burke


Malie Costa vs Ella Dorkin