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Discussing a game plan while rolling

We all like to see progression in anything we do. If we don’t see progression we normally at some point lose interest and stop doing whatever it is that we do.

I have a theory that I put into practice that has helped me keep my love of jiu-jitsu and that is to find someone better than you to role with. Keep in mind that each training session isn’t to simply be the best guy in the room it is to challenge yourself to be better than you were when you came in.

Let’s say for craps and giggles that you are the best person in the room most the time, well it is time to use these little game changers that I have implemented and have seen huge gains in my technique.

Spit Balling A Game Plan When Rolling
1.     WORST POSITIONS MAKE THE BEST TRANSITIONS – If you find yourself dominating the majority of those around you most the time, it is time to step up the game. It is time to start from the worst possible positions that scare you most. We all have positions that we dislike being in.

If you find yourself struggling with your sweeps then start on your back, if you find yourself in most trouble mounted work on your shrimps and upa. You don’t have to always win but maturing in your technique. Take a chance and get out on the mat, ego aside and let your toughest training partner roll you up like a pumpkin roll on Thanksgiving.

2.     PUT THOSE LITTLE FLANGES IN YOUR BELT – One of my absolute favorite ways to roll is putting my hands in my belt and grabbing my hang down (meaning going under the belt and then grabbing the excess belt with the rank sleeve.) I have been tapped like the newest tab beer on draft at the local hang out but I have also learned how to use my hips to stop a lot of positions and submissions.

I remember hearing a long time ago a story about Rickson Gracie that always made me think “bullcrap” but I now know it could definitely be true. Rickson used to let guys get him in a rear naked choke (mata leon) and without using his hands and only hip movement would embarrass the most muscle bound guy in the room. Give it a shot by getting on the mat and trying this today.

3.     SEE NO EVIL – This is simple but yet pretty difficult when you start to feel the pressure of losing a submission or position. CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!!! Yes, it allows you to feel more based on technique than to look and see that something “looks” right. Case in point – have you ever had to say allow me to apply the technique so you can feel what I am saying? Of course you have and if not you are behind the times.

It is when we feel the connection of the technique then we are truly using all of our senses to achieve it. Get out there today and starting throwing down some blind man jiu-jitsu you will thank me when you do.

I will leave you with this video that makes me just say, “Man, I know so little about jiu-jitsu and still have a long way to go.” The day that I stop feeling like I am learning I will quit.” This is Kron Gracie with the deepest info out there. Check it out below.

Hit the mats and start using these tips, also please feel free to mix and match these tricks. You can use more than one together.

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