Dillon Danis Scam Exposed – MMA Star promotes fake NFTs

It’s rare that we see Dillion Danis in the news about doing something good, and this is no different. Investigative reporter and Youtuber Coffeezilla exposes Danid for shilling rug pull scam NFT projects.

“One of my biggest pet peeves is scammers calling out other scammers to make themselves look good,” says Coffeezilla at the beginning of the video before doing a deep dive on Dillon Danis’ current NFT-promoting antics.

To expose Danis, the Youtuber would cook up an elaborate plan to trick the MMA fighter into promoting a non-existent NFT project called SourzNFT. The reason for doing is is to expose influencers promoting projects that are designed to scam people to part with their money, such as the squid game crypto currency that disappeared with people’s millions.

In the video Coffeezilla continues to setup Danis and even drops some obvious clues that this is a setup, including creating a terms of service agreement that openly outlines the plan, just to show that influencers care more about getting money than they do their community.

Sadly, this isn’t the first project Danid has promoted that has turned out to be a scam, a few examples have been the ill-fated Squid Game cryptocurrency, Mini Shiba Inu, Gambling Apes NFTs among others.

In the now-deleted Tweet, Danis posts about the fake NFT project that spells out the word SCAM if you put all the first letters together.

Danis has yet to comment about the video, but you can watch the full video down below.