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Craig Jones Challenges Gabi Garcia to Intergender Match

Craig Jones Challenges Gabi Garcia to Intergender Match

It looks like Gabi Garcia has got her wish for an inter-gender matchup. While it may not be Gordon Ryan, who she originally called out, it’s definitely the next best thing, Craig Jones.

Reposting Flograppling’s Instagram post about who Craig should face next, Craig decided to jump in the deep end with “@gabigarciaofficial let’s do it”.


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While Craig isn’t known the be the most serious grappler in the world Gabi decided to accept the challenge saying, “anytime @craigjonesbjj @flograppling one more keyboard challenge or u be a pussy? If not on @flograppling my school is open for we make this happen and people watch live!”

Looks like we have our first professional adult male vs female grappling match!

Male vs Female Grappling Matches

The beauty of Jiu-Jitsu is that the idea of strength, not the only factor, technique and leverage are also a huge part of grappling. The idea of boys vs girls competing is perfectly acceptable up until teenagers, where the physiological differences start become a factor when grappling.

There has been plenty of Men vs Women grappling matches where women have come out on top, a lot of this is normally a trained female versus an untrained male or a beginner. 

In 2019 Third Coast Grappling did the first intergender grappling match where a tag team of men and women faced each other, allowing for some interesting matchups.

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