Celebrity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts

With the recent news that Ashton Kutcher was promoted from white belt to a two-striped blue belt, it seems even more common that celebrities are getting away from the camera and stepping on the mats.

Celebrity BJJ black belts

There are a select few who ever make it to the grand rank of a BJJ black belt. Here are some who are reached the heady heights and not let their schedules interfere with their training.

Ed O’Neil

A long time student of BJJ red belt Rorion Gracie, Ed O’Neil, also know as Al Bundy from US tv series Married with Children, has been studying the gentle art for over 20 years!

Chuck Norris

The world’s dangerous man is also a converted BJJ black belt under the Machado brothers. However, his martial arts career is well documented and Chuck has a number of black belts including:

  • A 10th dan black belt in Chun Kuk Do
  • A 9th dan black belt in Tang Soo Do
  • An 8th dan black belt in Taekwand0
  • A BJJ black belt
  • A black belt in Judo

Don’t fuck with Chuck…

Joe Rogan

Everyone’s favourite UFC announcer and 2012’s ‘MMA personality of the yeah’ Joe Rogan is probably the most known on the BJJ and MMA world. Known for his podcasts The Joe Rogan Experience and his well-document career in the UFC, Joe was awarded his black belt from Machado black belt Eddie Bravo, who is also know from creating the team 10th Planet and a number of controversial jiu-jitsu moves, including rubber guard.

Joe was awarded his black belt in 2012

 Sean Patrick Flannery

Sean Patrick Flannery

The Boondock Saints actor was awarded his black belt in 2008 by the Renzo Gracie blackbelt Shawn Williams . The Hollywood actor doesn’t just feature in blockbuster films, he also teaches classes at Hollywood BJJ, alongside elite competitor Jeff Glover.

Paul Walker

The late Paul Walker was just a BJJ brown belt when he was sadly taken away from us in a terrible car accident. However, after his accident, he was award a posthumous black belt from friend, trainer and Paragon BJJ owner Ricardo Franjinha Miller. In his speech Ricardo spoke about Paul’s BJJ path saying, “I know he will reach it one day. So in his memory, I presented it to his dad at his memorial.”

Rikki Rockett

The drummer of the band Poison Rikki Rockett, isn’t just a part-time BJJ black belt, he is also quite the fierce competitor. Rikki was awarded his black belt by Renato Magno, and when he’s not touring, he can be found training at Street Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Santa Monica, California.

Guy Ritchie

Recently the Snatch director was awarded the prestigious level of black belt by his head coach Renzo Gracie. Believe it or not, knowing that Guy was actually a BJJ brown belt was actually a catalyst to me getting on the mats. Guy Ritchie also holds a black belt in Judo.


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