EXCLUSIVE: Bradley Hill joins Team UK for Polaris Squads

The upcoming Polaris Squads spinoff will put Team UK vs Team Europe in an 8 vs 8 battle to see who has the better grapplers, and we can exclusively announce the newest member of Team UK.

The grappler formally known as “Omoplata Man” (now Arm Triangle Man) Bradley Hill will be joining team UK.

He will be joining Ash Williams, who was announced last week when Polaris Squads was announced.

What is Polaris Squads?

Polaris Squads will feature 2 teams, Team UK & Ireland vs Team Europe and will not follow the Quintet format of “maximum weight limit”. Instead, both teams will look to field their own team of eight, consisting of 4 members who are under 75kg and 4 members who are under 95kg.

Matches will be split into two forty-minute halves with rounds being 5 minutes each. Similar to Quintet, this will be a pure “submission-only format with no in-round points system, however, a points system has been unveiled. Team points will be scored for submissions, with 1 point for an even weight submission, or a higher weight submits a lower weight. If a lower weigh competition submits a higher weight competition, then the team will be awarded three points.

Unlike Quintet, all submissions will be legal, meaning heel hooks, neck cranks and spine locks are allowed.

Polaris “Squads” takes place on September 27th and can be watched exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.