Black Monkey Dragonball Z rashguard review

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A few months ago I was approached by Black Monkey about their rashguards and the very kindly let me review one of their products and while this product may not give you a power level of over 9000, it will impress. Read on for a more thorough review.

Black Monkey is the brainchild of BJJ black belt and entrepreneur Pawel KaczyƄski. While the newness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu attracts a lot of entrepreneurs, Pawel has managed to corner the geeky underbelly that makes this sport unique.

The first great thing about these products are that they are officially licensed by Toei Animation, so you are getting the real deal. While that does add onto the price, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are getting the real deal.

If you want to be a badass like Cell or go super saiyan like Goku, the choice is yours. Personally? I went for the best bad guy of them all – Frieza!

When I opened the rash guard the first this that struck me was the quality. These rash guards are thick and incredible quality. I’m going to put it out there at these rash guards are the best quality rash guards I have ever worn. I ordered a large size and while it is on the bigger size, it’s not too baggy.

After numerous amount of testing Gi and Nogi, there has not been a single stray thread from the overlocked seems, and again that scores big points for me structure wise and I have had quite a few rash guards not last even a couple of sessions without the stitching coming undone.

I think some people would complain that the designs are too simplistic, they are a very simplistic design with block colours and bold lines, but for a Dragonball Z fan like myself it’s nice to see them stick to the original styles. These bright rash guards would look at home on a 10th Planet mat.

Overall, if you’re a geeky Jiujitero who has a soft spot for a bit of Goku roleplay then these rash guards are for you! Buy your rash guards here today!


  • Incredible quality
  • The fit is just right
  • Officially licenced by Toei Animation


  • Some people may be put off by the price tag. However, these rash guards will last the test of time.