03/02/01 – Never relinquish control

This Monday was heavily focused on guard retention, which is great because I’m currently struggling with that aspect of my game.

The masters of the guard - The Miyao Brothers


The night started off with some standard warm ups and we quickly moved into doing guard retention work. There are loads of ways to recover guard but tonight’s lesson really looked at different ways of shipping and using the feet on your opponents hips to keep your hips square.

We also quickly looked at triangle options from rotating around your opponent and the holy trinity of attacks, armbar, to triangle, to omopalata.


Monday saw a lot of rolling. First off we were paired up into two weight groups, over 85kg and under, for shark tanks. Memorable notes from this were getting destroyed by Nathan, who is menacing three striped brown belt under Pedro Bessa, and for the first time since Christmas, not horribly gassing out.

Then we went onto normal sparring and I paired up with Gary, who is a blue belt that hasn’t trained in a year. He gave me a great lesson in smothering pressure that I really need to integrate into my game.

Positive points

Tonight I had a bit of a flat night and didn’t really feel too competitive against people my same size and skill. However a really great moment was sweeping another blue belt form X-guard, which is something I’ve been trying out for ages but never really got the hang of.

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