Best Wall Ball (Updated 2024)

Wall balls and medicine balls are some of the most hated pieces of fitness equipment out there. Not because they’re bad and not because you shouldn’t be doing them… but because they’re hard.

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They give you a tough and gruelling workout. You know that as soon as the wall balls come out, things are about to get rough. Do you remember when your coach would get the medicine balls out during PE class? Groans all round. But now that you’re older and you’re choosing to exercise and train for your own benefit, those groans should disappear. Yes, it’s going to be tough but it’s also going to be worth all that pain when you begin to see those results.

Wall balls are basically medicine balls, that can be used just like medicine balls, but are designed with the focus on being used against a wall within a variety of different exercises. Exercises such as throwing the ball against the wall as hard as you can to build explosive power. They tend to be softer than the traditional medicine ball as well as often having handles/harnesses for you attach rope to them.

The Best Wall Balls Reviewed

You can throw it at the wall in front of you, chuck it behind you, attach it to some rope and slam it side to side and so on. This helps build that aforementioned explosive power as well as endurance, as you’ll be doing the exercise again and again to build up stamina. Whereas some people just use these balls as extra weight when doing crunches or squats, etc.

Wall balls are a real versatile piece of kit that allow you to create tailor-made workouts on the spot, targeting a variety of different metrics with only one piece of equipment.

Garage Fit Wall Balls Soft Medicine Balls

Garage Fit Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Ball/Wallball Plyometrics, Core Training, Cardio Workouts - Ideal for Wall Balls Squats, Lunges, Partner Toss, Slam (Pink/Black, 16 lbs - 7.3 kg)
    • ★ GRIP ENHANCING CONSTRUCTION: Unlike rubber exercise balls, the Garage fit wall ball features a uniquely stitched design and PVC material that is made to enhance your grip on the wall ball...
      • ★ GREAT FOR VARIETY A VARIETY OF EXERCISES: Whether it’s wall ball routines, squats, sit-ups, or any other core building exercise, the Garage Fit soft medicine ball is the perfect...
        • ★ IMPACT-ABSORBING BUILD: In order to minimize injuries, these perfectly balanced soft medicine balls are designed to absorb impact, thereby minimizing the risk of injury in case you miss a...
          • ★ HIGHLY DURABLE BUILD: You can play and workout with peace of mind thanks to the quality construction of the Garage Fit wall exercise ball. Each ball has been individually stitched with...
            • ★ PREMIUM DESIGN: The stylish synthetic leather build of the soft medicine wall ball features a sleek Garage Fit logo that has been expertly stitched in to match the high quality...
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Garage Fit have done everything in the power to make the ball as soft and comfortable to use as possible whilst retaining strength and durability. The softness allows you far better grip than you’d expect from a rubber exercise ball but without the threat of ripping and tearing or the stitching becoming loose over time. This also allows the balls to absorb and disperse impact into themselves which can prevent injury when catching the balls. All whilst retaining their shape.

There are four colour options; black, blue, red and pink, as well as a variety of different sizes to choose from, starting form 4 lbs and going all the way up to 20 lbs per ball.

Titan Fitness Soft Wall Ball

Titan Fitness Medicine Wall Ball 14" Diameter 10 lb. Soft Leather Durable
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The big worry when using a wall ball, and throwing it as hard as you can to build that explosiveness, is the worry that the ball might tear or explode with use, and some balls actually do. There are plenty of shoddy companies out there with equally as shoddy products that will rip and split open with minimal use. Titan Fitness are not such a company.

Their wall balls are crafted high-quality synthetic-leather material on the exterior, bound together with tight double-stitching that ensures that the ball is highly resistant to impact. In fact, Titan Fitness claim that their product can withstand the rigours of years of hard use!

Their balls can be purchased in sizes from 6 lbs up all the way up to 30 lbs.

j/fit Soft Wall Ball

JFIT Wall Ball, Red/Black, 20 LB
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Not intended for slamming exercise, this extremely versatile, premium JFIT Soft Wall Ball can be used for multiple workout goals, with use in strength training and plyometric...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Premium heavy-duty vinyl coated shell, has been laser cut, double stitched, and hand stuffed to maintain balance and keep shape, while featuring a non-slip grip making it easy to...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: Use this quality wall ball for more than just your workout by stretching and rolling out tight and sore muscle fibers using your weight and gravity against the surface area of the...
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE: Excellent for men and women looking to increase core strength, improve stabilization, and muscle density, press through your next wall squat while maintaining a steady grip during...
  • PERFECT SIZE: All sizes have a 14” diameter, except the 4LB ball which has a 9” diameter, allowing you to add variety and challenge yourself with our premium wall balls that are balance tested,...
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Some balls lose their shape when used. The perfectly round and rotund ball that you start with ends up all smushed and warped by the end of the workout and generally loses a little bit of it’s effectiveness. To combat this problem, j/fit have put their energies into making sure that their excellent balls retain their shape no matter how tough the workout is. This ability to keep it’s shape also means that it’s less likely to tear or pop open. The triple-stretching on the exterior of the ball also increases this durability.

This is a really tough ball that you can use day in and day out, workout after workout without worrying about it falling apart on you. However, like most wall balls, it is not meant for slamming. Throwing at the wall is fine, but not slamming. j/fit also offer a slam ball if you would like to add slamming into your exercise repertoire.

Sportmad Soft Medicine Wall Ball

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As you progress through you fitness and training journey, you’ll most likely need to increase the weight of your wall ball. It’s far easier to make your workout harder by increasing the weight than by tweaking other variables. It’s a good idea, just like with kettlebells, to purchase a few balls of varying weights to get a good complete set of equipment. Sportmad have made this easier but not only providing a wide range of weights, but by keeping the sizes of the balls identical.

Most companies sell different weights, but with the lighter weight being a smaller size.

This can be a real pain when you get used to the physical size of a ball but have to change it up because you need something heavier. You then have to get used to different feel of the ball before you can get an effective workout in, which is not the case when using balls from Sportmad.

Day 1 Fitness Soft Medicine Ball / Wall Ball

Day 1 Fitness Soft Wall Medicine Ball 10 Pounds - Exercise, Rehab, Core Strength, Large Durable Balls for TRX, Floor Exercises, Stretching
  • THE BEST FUNCTIONAL TRAINING TOOL: Throwing, lifting, or using our medicine ball as hand weights is a great way to increase muscle density, improving stabilization, and increase core strength. It also...
  • STRETCH IT OUT: Our fitness ball is a great way to stretch the upper and lower back, neck, and other body parts. Simply use the weight and gravity of your body against the surface area of the ball to...
  • GET YOUR HEART AND BLOOD PUMPING: As if there weren’t enough things this fitness accessory could do, you can include cardio training into the mix. Use this weighted medicine ball for plyometrics,...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: At Day 1 Fitness, we take great pride in the products we put out. Our handheld exercise ball comes with even weight distribution and double-stitched, reinforced seams, making...
  • ROLL OUT TIGHT SPOTS: Our versatile balls for the floor and wall can also be utilized to target sore, cramping muscles and apply deep tissue massage. By putting pressure on a specific body part, you...
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Day 1 Fitness have taken the Sportmad model of keeping the diameter of the ball the same and taken it to the next level. Each ball from Day 1 Fitness is 14” in diameter, but they offer sizes from as low as 2 lbs, all the way up to a mammoth 40 lbs!

Despite the balls being the same size, they’ve been individually tested to make sure the balance is perfect and that they don’t cave in on themselves with use. They retain their shape whilst still remaining soft and forgiving enough for higher rep workouts.

Each size ball has a different colour which makes your chosen ball easy to see and pick out without having to wade through tons of equipment.


You’d be surprised at just how tough a workout you can get by using just your own body and a high quality wall ball like those listed above.

Every product above has been vetted to make sure that they are as durable and tough as they can possibly be.