Best Meal Prep Containers (Updated 2023)

Best Meal Prep Containers Reviewed

h3Fitpacker Meal Prep Containers BPA-Free Set of 16/h3

Plastic is a very versatile substance that is used in pretty much everything these days. The problem with plastic, is that unwanted chemicals begin to leak when it’s heated. This can be a big problem when storing and heating your food. Luckily, these containers from Fitpacker are BPA free. This means that even when you chuck your containers in the microwave to heat them up, those harmful chemicals won’t be making their way into your meals. BPA has been shown to cause estrogen levels to raise and testosterone levels to sink when ingested. Practically poison. Not something that you want to be unwittingly eating.

Fitpacker also use their patented SureLock seal to make sure the lids don’t pop off whilst you’re carrying them around.
h3Freshware 15 Pack 3 Compartment Containers/h3

These containers feature three separate compartments, a lot like the traditional bento trays/containers you would expect to see in Japanese cafeterias. These compartments are handy to keep your food separate from each other, particularly if you have fruit in one compartment and something like salmon in another and rice in the third. Or if you’re just one of those people that don’t like their different foods to touch each other.

These containers can be both stored in the freezer and heated in the microwave, able to withstand temperature extremes of -40 up 250 degrees, as well as being perfectly dishwasher safe.

They are also BPA free so no horrible chemicals leaching in to your food and no ugly staining of the plastic over time.
h3Evolutionize LIFT Certified BPA-Free Reusable Meal Prep Containers 7 Pack/h3

This is the perfect set to buy if you’re not quite sold on the whole cooking and meal prepping situation just yet. This is a 7 piece set so you can try it out by cooking dinner for yourself all week. If for some reason it’s not for you, then you’ve just got some handy, high quality tupperware sitting in your cupboards for when you need it. But it’s likely that after preparing your dinner in advance for yourself for the first week, you won’t go back to cooking on the fly or getting take-out. The next step will be fully prepping your meals out for the week. Trust me, you won’t look back.
h3Mealcon Meal Prep Containers 36 oz Set of 20 including 20 Cutlery/h3

Mealcon make it even easier to get started with this set. You don’t even have to bring/wash your own cutlery! This may seem like a minor point, but it can be overstated just how easy it is to stick to something new when it’s made easy for you. Just the addition of already having cutlery makes you that much more likely to stick to this habit.

Theses containers, like all quality containers on this list, are BPA free and crafted with quality FDA approved resources. These containers won’t break, tear or leak like some of the cheaper all-purpose Tupperware’s you might find at the grocery store.

At 36oz, these are the biggest containers on our list. If you like your meals big and you’re worried that you might not have room enough for a full serving, this is the set for you.
h3Misc Home Set of 20 32oz Meal Prep Containers/h3

These have been lab-tested to make sure they are 100% food safe as well as tough and durable. There’s nothing worse than having your food start leaking in your bag, ruining both your bag and your lunch. So if you stick with these, you’ll never have to worry about the lid coming loose or the plastic splitting open.

They stack neatly on top of each other so they stay secure in your refrigerator and save you valuable space too. They will also fit neat and snug inside your chosen meal prep container bag or cooler.


Nutrition is an incredibly important yet often ignored component to your training. As hard as training can be some times, it’s easy compared to keeping your diet in check.

You only train for a few hours at most on any given day but with your diet, you’re having to watch what you eat from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. It’s a full time gig.

We all know how easy it is to swing by a drive-thru after training instead of cooking up a healthy meal when you come home.

The best way to make sure you’re eating healthy and getting all of the nutrients and vitamins you need is to cook. But who has the time to prepare and cook three meals a day? Many fitness experts and nutritionists even recommend eating more frequently than that. Eating six meals a day is not uncommon amongst bodybuilders and other enthusiasts.

People don’t have the time to cook multiple times a day yet they need to eat healthy food multiple times a day. How do you get around this conundrum?

Meal prep. Instead of cooking one meal and eating it immediately, you cook several. You cook many meals. Twenty to thirty meals for the whole week. You store these meals in handy containers and stick them in your fridge or freezer until you’re ready for them. You can even carry them around in a cooler when you’ve got a heavy workload for the day.

People used to have to rely on tupperware bought at your typical everyday stores but they aren’t particularly ideal. The lids come off, the size or shape isn’t quite right for what you need and eventually the food stains the plastic. To remedy this, many providers have arisen to provide you with the best tupperware money can buy so that you can meal prep and get your nutrition in without any of the downsides.

Making sure that you’re eating all the foods you need at all the right times is a difficult task. The life of a BJJ trainee or an MMA fighter is not an easy one, so don’t make it any harder on yourself.
Invest in some quality meal prep containers so that you’re never far away from a healthy meal at all times.

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