The Best BJJ and MMA Rash Guards (Updated 2024)

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Rash guards were originally designed and used for surfers to wear underneath their wetsuits to stop any chaffing when they got wet, as the surfers started moving into the grappling culture, so did their rash guards. Before rash guards, Jiu-Jitsu was normally done topless or with cotton t-shirts in the humid Brazilian gyms. Under the jiu-jitsu gi people would normally wear heavy cotton t-shirts that always ended up looking a horrible shade of yellow. Then the surfers came a long and grappling, Vale Tudo and Wrestling got a whole lot cooler.

The Best BJJ Rash Guards of 2018

 EDITORS CHOICE - Hayabusa Metaru Charged Rash Guard

Featuring their patented AGTM Compression technology that provides extra comfort and flexibility for the fighter, the Hayabusa Metaru Charged Rash Guard features advanced stitching and fibre-infused dyed graphics, meaning this rash guard is more durable other other products.

The Rash Guard also comes treated with special anti-microbial technology that is built into the fabric. Meaning this rash guard won’t be getting funky after a couple rolls but will stay fresh for it’s entire life.

This is a clean-looking ranked rash guard that comes in a number of IBJJF-approved colours. Although it is a little pricey this rash guard will last a very long time and won’t fade at all.


  • AGTM Technology provides extra comfort
  • High-quality dyed fabric
  • Stitched rubber band stops vest riding up


  • Sizes apparently run small

 EDITORS CHOICE - RVCA VA Reflect Rash Guard

The VA Reflect rash guard is the next version of RVCA’s highly popular VA Sport rash guard. Stitched in a raglan design, this is a fast-drying long-sleeve rash guard that wicks sweat away from the body ensuring a more efficient roll. The seams come double locked through out the garment ensuring a more robust design that will last for a long time.

This rash guard is clean, simple and offers superior quality for a very reasonable price. RVCA are one of the first companies to sponsor BJ Penn and their old Sports Rash guard was their best seller, so the reflect is set to do just as well.


  • Reflective layers look great
  • Reinforced stitching prevents fraying


  • Body apparently is quite short

 Sanabul Essential Rash Guard

Sanabul are known for their consitant and bright designs and their essential is no exception. This rash guard will look great on the mat!

The rash guard uses the same anti-microbial technology as the Hayabusa and provides increased moisture control to help combat sweat. Custom flatlock stitching makes this rash guard extremely resilient.

Overall this is one of our favourite designs on the list, Snabul are a well-respected company on the scene, so you know it’s going to be good.


  • Great graphic print
  • High quality sublimated fabric


  • Sizes can run small

 Fuji Ranked Rash Guard

The Fuji Ranked rash is a real quality product. Fuji have been around for an extremely long time and they provide gear that will not just last the test of time but also look really good. The rash guard is made of an anti-microbial fabric that is reinforced with double locked stitching along the seams.

Worn world wide by practitioners of numerous marital arts, Fuji is one of the world’s oldest and respected brands. Their sizes go up to 3xl and their ranked rash guards go from white to black.


  • Wonderful Japanese-inspired design
  • Anti microbial fabric
  • Ranked rash guard comes in all colours


  • Stitching starts to fray after a while

 Venum Technical Rash Guard

Venum MMA Black Contender 3:0" Short Sleeve Rash Guard - New - Medium
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The Venum Technical rash guard features Venum’s patented compression fibre technology that improves blood flow and muscle recovery for the wearer. Anti-oder technology is infused into the the fabric of this rash guard to ensure this rash guard never get’s funky in your kit bag. This rash guard features silicone bands embedded into the waist of the rash guard, which means your rash guard isn’t going to be riding up to you chest during a hard rolling session and the fabric has been specially engineered to draw moisture away from the skin.

The sizing of this rash guard is very small however so if you are thinking of buying this product we recommend that you go a size up from normal.


  • Great looking rash guard
  • Short sleeves is great for summer rolling
  • Anti-odor technology


  • Some people say the sizing is too small
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Scramble’s rash guard is made from a moisture-wicking polyester blend that also features a mixture of internal and external stitch for increased durability and comfort for the wearer. Scramble have also leaded the game when it comes to super-modern looking jiu-jitsu gear and this rash guard is no different.


  • Scramble are pioneers of jiu-jitsu technology
  • Great looking colours
  • Really stands out


  • Stitching can fray over time

 Under Armour Alter Ego Compression Shirt

Ever wanted to roll and feel like superman or the punisher? Well now you can with the Under Armour Alter Ego Compression Shirt. While Rash guards are overall better for you for jiu-jitsu these funky superhero designs cannot go unmentioned.

The shirt offers Under Armour’s leading moisture control system that wicks sweat quickly away from the body and a patented four-way stretch fabric for increased mobility. Plus, who doesn’t want to look lie Batman when you’re rolling?


  • Wear your favourite super hero on the mat
  • Under-armour are industry leaders


  • People say the rash guard material can be quite thin

 Bad Boy Rash Guard

This Bad Boy designed rash guard features a rubber grip strip at the bottom of the rash guard to prevent it from riding up during rolling, plus is also features a stay-fresh mesh panel on the back to keep the wearer cool during combat.

This Bad Boy rash guard also features reinforced stitching to allow increased durability and reflective panels to allow outdoor training at night.


  • One of the biggest MMA brands
  • Great quality material


  • The design seems a bit plain

Ranked Rash Guards

Today’s modern rash guards don’t only look great but they also have a function to them, they wick the sweat off and they keep everything tight against your skin. The polyester, lycra combination does a great job by allowing the grappler a more hygienic roll, helping them stay healthier and helping their movement. Over the years rash guards have gone through a number of changes. Today’s modern rash guards are made from a synthetic lycra-based material that are dyed through sublimation techniques meaning that the design won’t ever fade on the wash or peel.

Apart form looking really cool, compression wear is strategically designed to help strengthen and compress your muscles, helping you roll longer and recover faster. Studies show compression guard can greatly speed up muscle recovery after a hard workout.

The materials that make up a rash guard are known for their moisture wicking properties, keeping your grappling game as sticky as possible. When you touch your body when retying you belt, your body will transfer moisture to your hand making your grips slipperier.

Tips on choosing the best Rash Guard for your needs

Go for a mixture

When you’re looking for a rash guard, looking for a mixture of polyester and spandex, the elasticity of these materials make them an idea choice for grappling. Nice and stretchy, meaning if you do happen to lose or gain weight you won’t need to be changing clothes anytime soon.

Stay hygienic

Look for a rash guard that has been advertised as anti-microbial. Ringworm and staph are a real risk during rolling, drilling techniques or any contact sports. Getting an anti-microbial rash guard will help avoid that.

Don’t go cheap

A lot of compression gear can be bought from big superstore such as Walmart, I would recommend staying away from these. While they cost as little as $10 they also won’t last anywhere near as long as a dedicated rash guard for grappling. A good rash guard will last your years not weeks.

Go for sublimated designs

Printing and dying technology has made leaps and bounds of the last few years. Now all modern rash guards are printed using sublimation techniques meaning the dye is printed directly into the garment, not on the surface. A screen printed design will rob off as soon as you hit the mats where as a sublimated design will never fade.

Rank colour

Keep in mind that when you enter a NoGi IBJJF competition you are required to wear a rash guard that is at least 10% of your ranked colour.