The Best Agility Ladders 2019

There is far more to the fight game than just being strong.

And I’m not talking about technique either. You can be strong and you can possess great technique, but even that can sometimes not be enough when you’re going against real solid competitors.

Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Black Carry Case, 8-Rung Yellow
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Agility Ladder & Cones by FireBreather. Powerful Training Equipment to Boost Performance and Cardio in Soccer, Football & Sports. Set of 15ft Speed La
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REEHUT Agility Ladder w/ Free User E-Book + Carry Bag - Speed Training Equipment (Blue, 8 Rungs)
8, 12, 20
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GHB Pro Agility Ladder Agility Training Ladder Speed Flat Rung with Carrying Bag 12 Rungs
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Yes4All Agility Ladder - Speed Agility Training Ladder with Carry Bag - 12 Rung (Yellow)
8, 12, 20
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Everyone already knows about strength, technique and even the importance of having a good cardiovascular system.

But what is sometimes neglected is agility. Agility is more than just speed. It’s how you use that speed, and your strength and cardio, to move better and to move more fluidly.

To be able to react that much faster than your opponent to counter his strike or sprawl away from his double leg shot.

Agility improves your footwork. With agile footwork, you can rush in, land some strikes and be back out to safety before your opponent can react.

Agility is also about timing. It allows you to capitalise effectively on those tiny windows of opportunity that present themselves once in a blue moon.

Without that agility, you wouldn’t be able to land that sneaky shot or shoot for that single in time.

You drill and spar to improve your technique, you lift weights or do bodyweight exercises to build your strength and you likely run, cycle or row to build that essential cardio.

Your agility and speed will improve naturally as you train, but like every other facet of training, it’s important to have dedicated workouts and specific tools to focus on agility itself. The best tool to build that vital agility would be agility ladders.

As the name suggests, they are ladders but instead of going against a wall, you lay them flat on the floor and step in and out of them.

Obviously, that’s a very over-simplistic overview of them but you get the point. These are used to increase speed, coordination, balance and general agility.

They fold up to a small size which makes them easy to store and travel with so you can get a fast-paced agility workout in wherever you go.

The Best Agility Ladders Available

Ohuhu Speed Training Agility Ladder

You have the option of buying both a 12 rung ladder and an 8 rung ladder.

We recommend the 12 rung ladder as it’s easier to have more, than to have to work around using less rungs.

The rungs come standard at 15” apart but can easily be removed to make the gaps smaller or larger depending on your goals and what the specific exercise requires.

This ladder is incredibly easy to setup; you literally unravel them and place them on ground and you’re done. It takes seconds to set them up and seconds to pack them away into the handy, protective carrying case that comes with the package.

It’s very easy to travel with this ladder as the carrying case can be easily carried by itself or placed neatly in a gym bag.

No excuses not to get your agility workouts in!


FireBreather Training Agility Ladder and Cone Set

Before MMA trainers realised just how beneficial these ladders could be to their athletes, they were already in use by football coaches and soccer coaches.

Both sports which require the athletes to have extremely high levels of agility, speed and fast response times. Aside from the ladder drills, these sports also often use cones to run and sprint around to help build both agility and dexterity.

With this set from FireBreather, you get both tools in one set.

The bargain set includes a set of 12 rung ladders, 10 cones, pegs to keep the ladder in place, a nylon carrying bag and even an eBook packed with ingenious workouts and exercises for you to use to build up your speed.

You even get to choose from three different colours of ladders/cones; red, blue and yellow.


Reehut Agility Ladder and eBook Set

Reehut offer three different lengths to choose from with their ladders; 8 rungs, 12 rungs and 20 rungs.

8 rungs may be too little, but if you want to focus on build stamina and endurance, it may be a good idea to purchase the 20 rung option.

If there’s too many rungs then you can always just stop, but running out of rungs in the middle of a workout can be an annoyance.

You can also choose between blue ladders or yellow ladders. Both colours stand out and are easily visible if used outside on a field for example.

The individual rungs can be moved to better suit your requirements and once set in place, will not move or change easily without your help.

Reehut also include a free 12 page eBook to give you some ideas of how to use their ladders in the most effective and efficient way possible.


GHB Pro Agility Ladder

This ladder also comes in both a yellow option and a blue option.This isn’t just by accident either. These ladders are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions when being used outside and they need to be bright, vibrant colours so they’re visible at all times, even when the rain is really coming down heavy and it’s hard to see anything else.

The rungs themselves are made of sturdy PP plastic. They need to be able to withstand said weather conditions and being trod on continuously so they’re constructed with this necessary toughness in mind.

The plastic rungs are threaded through with an equally durable nylon strap of about 20 feet long. They can even be connected at the ends to another ladder to make an even longer workout for you and your training partners.


Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder

Again, you have the option between blue and yellow coloured ladders and the lengths of either 8, 12 or 20 rungs.

The 20 rung model is the best value for money. The rungs can be thread out completely so you have more customisable options than you would with the 8 and 12 rung options.

Once everything is set in place, it stays put very well, even as you move in and out of it at high speeds.

Perfect for working your lateral movement, footwork, speed and overall cardiovascular endurance. You might have seen kids doing these drills and think that it doesn’t look so tough, but we promise you, it is far harder than it looks to both do the exercises correctly with good form and keep up the speed and rhythm.



Agility ladders are a great fitness tool and provide so many benefits for such a small cost.

With most ladders, you can change the number of rungs or the distance between rungs and create completely new workouts in seconds.

The nylon carry bags that normally come standard with the ladders allow a nice, clean and dry storage space for the ladders when they’re not in use.

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