Bank holiday training at Fightworx

Because our training space closes on a bank holiday, me and a few of the guys from our club decided to make the journey down to Torquay to train at Fightworx.

When we arrived, we were greeted with smiles and hellos, which always makes us feel part of the team, even though we train in a different club under Darren, the black belt.

Tonight was a chance for me to try out my newly dyed Tatami Zero G and see if it would widthstand two hours of punishment, which thankfully it did!

After warmups the night started off looking at some armdrag drills from the butterfly guard position, with Darren making the point to help us improve our posture and making sure that we drive our body forward to help finish the move.

After drilling this multiple times, we then moved onto attacking the armdrag when your opponent stands and following them up into the single leg takedown.

One handed guard passing

After we drilled these techniques we went onto the first part of the night’s sparring. To help with our posture and pressure, we were only allow to pass the guard using one hand, while your opponent was allow free reign to sweep or submit. I managed to get a few passed from the knee slide position but I probably got swept more times than I actually passed.

Afterwards we were put into groups of threes and proceeded a round robin sparring session, which was very enjoyable.

Hulk smash

During the 2nd part of the night we looked at a Rodolfo Vieria-style smash pass where you pin your opponents legs and arms and then drive forward with your head to complete the pass.

The rest of the evening we were put into groups of threes and proceeded another round robin session of sparring.


As always I had a really good night at Fightworx, it’s always good to test you skills against other players to see how you match up against other people.

A few highlights of my evening was being able to sweep a purple belt with a simple scissor sweep, my movement and scrambling is slowly getting better, as is my grit and determination.

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Richard Presley

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