Andre Galvao receives his 3rd degree as he meets his old mentor in Spain

As the 2014 European Champion, Fernando Tererê continues his European tour, on Monday the popular black belt met his friend and former student, André Galvão, while in Barcelona, Spain.

Terere and Galvao

Galvão, posted a picture next to his master and posted the image on his Instagram account.

Galvao and Terere’s story runs deep. Galvao initially started training Jiu-Jitsu under Master Careca. But as Galvao started to outgrow his academy, he eventually moved to train under the legendary Fernando Tererê under the advice of his previous instructor. But Andre actually received his black belt from Carca, as Terere was involved in his unfortunate circumstances

As a loyal student, Galvao followed Terere wherever he went. When Terere moved from from Alliance to Brasa, and then eventually to TT team, Galvao followed suit, but when Terere was forced to leave the sport, Andre left TT and rejoined Brasa. Later he started a new team together with Ramon Lemos. This became the famous Atos team, home to top competitors, such as Keenan Cornelius and the Miyao and Mendes Brothers.

In an interview back in 2006 with On The Mat, Galvao said he was still a member of TT (Terere’s old academy), Galvao had this to say about his master.

“After two years training with my intial master Careca I moved to train with Terere in Sao Paulo. Terere taught me his style and I think I developed it very-well. I have a lot to tell you about Terere, but I will resume this, telling you that Terere supported me a lot in all aspects. I do not have gratitude to him just why he trained me, but because he helped and he an example of correct people. I think that my style is not 100% based on his, but nearly all based on it. Terere has a style which looks for the submission all time. I fight to submit my opponents, so I followed his style, but I added my own tools to conquer my place at jiu jitsu.”


But that wasn’t all! Terere has one more surprise up his sleeve for Galvao. His third degree on his black belt! Congratulations Andre!

Andre Galao recieving his third degree from Terere

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