ADCC has it’s 2021 Organiser and Location

After the success of the 2019 ADCC championships, all eyes were fixed upon where it was going to be held.

If you don’t know about the ADCC bidding scheme, it’s very similar to how countries bid on the Olympics, monetary funding, location, environment etc all come into play. 

Generally, it’s all the international ADCC affiliates who have a chance bidding for the opportunity for the ADCC championships, the rule of thumb is, if there’s a trial there, then there’s also the potential for the championship.

ADCC 2021 Championship location

For the first time in the ADCC’s history, the same promoter will be organising and hosting the event for two years in a row. That’s right after the success of the 2019 ADCC championships, head organiser Mo Jassim successfully bid on organising the 2021 championships.

Jassim has already said that he has big plans for the championships, making it even bigger and better than his previous California event. It’s likely Mo will bring Seth Daniels back on board since the spectacle he brought from his Fight 2 Win experience took the competition to another level. Five Grappling‘s Shawn Fowler is also like to be back on the scene.

Jassim beat off a bid from Kazakstan, who was in the running to host the 2021 event.

While the country has been announced, the actual location has not been finalised. Jassim has said he wants to the event to take place in the home of American combat sports, Las Vegas, while hinting at big-budget venues such as MGM Grand. Las Vegas has no been cemented yet there are also talks of the event being hosted in other major cities. We’ll wait and see.

“No one has ever hosted the ADCC twice, let alone two consecutive ADCC’s,” Jassim told FloGrappling in an interview with them. “That was why I wanted to elevate the event to a level so high that I would be the front runner for ADCC 2021. Anyone that knows me knows I do not do this for money, I put almost every dollar earned back into the show, so I think the ADCC decision-makers felt comfortable with granting me a second shot.”

Mo has said he is thankful to be given another opportunity from the ADCC committee, and its excited to host the event once again, even though it’s the “most stressful thing” he’s ever done. 

“It was my first major event and I wanted to make sure first and foremost the ADCC bosses were happy with the event,” Jassim said. “Luckily, the feedback for the event has been overwhelmingly positive from the ADCC organization, the athletes, media etc. With the massive success of the last ADCC, I truly feel I am the best-suited person to do the next event and take it to another level again.”