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ADCC 2021 Results – The King Reigns and Lachlan Makes History

ADCC 2021 Results – The King Reigns and Lachlan Makes History

As the event draws to a close, many would consider this ADCC to be one of the most successful events ever. Almost every match could have been considered a super match in any other event, but for the ADCC? It’s just another day in the office. Below are the results for the 2019 ADCC Championships.

ADCC Men’s Divisions

+99kg Division

The 99+kg third-place match was fouled with the lack of sportsmanship from two competitors, Marcus Buchecha Almeida, and Roberto Cyborg Abreu, both who lost by judges decision to Kaynan Duarte and Nick Rodriguez respectively.

Both competitors refused to compete for the bronze medal as they both considered themselves winners of their matches, meaning the spectators were robbed of an excellent 3rd place match.

The finals of the +99kg featured two hype trains colliding, one of Kaynan Duarte, who has pretty much won everything in 2019 and Nicky Rod, the Renzo Gracie blue belt who’s been mauling black belt competitors all year.

The match really showed how much of a different level Kaynan Duarte is against everyone, but a resilient Rodriguez was able to hold him off for a considerable amount of time until Duarte managed to take the back and keep the position for a 3 point win against Rodriguez

ADCC +99kg Champion – Kaynan Duarte
ADCC +99kg 2nd Place – Nick Rodriguez
ADCC +99kg 3rd Place – N/A

-99kg Division

In a division that’s been ruled by one man, can anyone derail the king? The first person today was to be ATOS’ Lucas Barboza who had a good run against Gordon Ryan, until he had his back taken at the very end for the three points taking Gordon into the final. He would go up against Vinicius Gazola who defeated Vinny Magalhaes to go onto the finals.

As Vinny was unable to compete for the 3rd place medal, Barboza was awarded the bronze by default, opening the mat for the finals of the -99kg division.

In the finals, it was really all about Gordon Ryan, while Gazola, coached on the sidelines by the GOAT Marcello Garcia, put on an admiral effort, it wasn’t long until Gordon implemented his back attack system.

In the end, it was all Ryan who took the back of Gazola and finished him with a choke.

ADCC -99kg Champion – Gordon Ryan
ADCC -99kg 2nd Place – Vinicius Gazola
ADCC -99kg 3rd Place – Lucas Barboza

-88kg Division

Day two of the 88kg division had an incredible amount of action, the first semi-final match featured some huge names including Craig Jones, Josh Hinger, Jon Blank and Matheus Diniz, this was going to be an excellent division. 

In the semi-finals matches, we saw Craig Jones defeat Jon Blank via submission and Diniz defeat Hinger with a guard pass in the dying seconds.

The 3rd place match between Hinger and Blank saw Hinger implement his guillotine game plan to defeat the 10th planet standout, to claim a bronze medal in his debut ADCC championships.

The 88kg finals was a grapplefest rematch between Jones and Diniz. This was a cagey affair between the two with Diniz shutting down Jones the entirety of the match and it wasn’t until overtime where we saw points scored in favour of Diniz.

ADCC -88kg Champion – Matheus Diniz
ADCC -88kg 2nd Place – Craig Jones
ADCC -88kg 3rd Place – Josh Hinger

-77kg Division

The calibre of names in the 77kg division on day 2 was absolutely unreal, the first semi-final match saw Vagner Rocha go up against the Canadian Dante Leon, who secured his place after defeating Lucas Lepri. Rocha managed to defeat Leon via Judge’s decision in a match that could have gone either way. 

The second semi-final match was one for the ages, Essential Jiu-Jitsu’s JT Torres against Garry Tonon. This was an excellent scrap between the two but Torres’ skill and pressure saw him secure mount position and the points to move onto the finals.

The 3rd place match between Leon and Tonon was a great back and forth but it was the submission specialist Garry Tonon, who was able to finish the Canadian to take the bronze medal

Our 77kg finals saw a rematch between JT Torres and Vagner Rocha from an earlier F2W match, where JT actually won.

The opening minutes of the finals saw a lot of head clubbing and a bit of rough and tumble between the two competitors, a typical Vagner Rocha match.

It’s not until 3 minutes left of regulation time where Torres secures 3 points for the back, here he stays glued to Rocha’s back forcing Rocha to defend multiple submission attempts.

An amazing match between two competitors two makes JT Torres a two-time 77kg ADCC champion.

ADCC -77kg Champion – JT Torres
ADCC -77kg 2nd Place – Vagner Rocha
ADCC -77kg 3rd Place – Garry Tonon

-66kg Division

Our final male division saw Paulo Miyao go up against Augusto Mendes where Mendes was able to get past Miyao through Over time as Miyao was penalised for sitting guard.

On the other side of the bracket, you saw two hungry lions 16-year-old Tye Ruotolo go up against Cobrinha Jr. Kennedy Maciel. Here Maciel was able to take out Ruotolo with an impression submission to take him into the finals.

The 3rd place match between Paulo and Tye was an excellent affair with the majority of the match saw Tye trying to figure out the guard of Paulo. Eventually, Paulo would score points from a sweep in overtime but not without being stuck in a deep kneebar which would have ruined anyone else.

The final would see Maciel look to follow his father’s footsteps against Mendes, who has competed against Cobrinha multiple times in the past.

The match was an explosive affair between the two with Maciel having an early back take attempt and not letting the shadow of his father affect his performance at all.

Both competitors had their fair share of shots and work but with a minute remaining Tanquinio manages to secure 3 points for the back to win the ADCC gold.

ADCC -66kg Champion – Augusto Tanquinio Mendes
ADCC -66kg 2nd Place – Kennedy Maciel
ADCC -66kg 3rd Place – Paulo Miyao

ADCC Women’s Divisions

+60kg Division

The +60kg division was still dominated by one name, Gabi Garcia. Her match against Ana Carolina Vieria (sister to Rodolfo Vieria), would see her implement her smash game to nullify any attempts of implementing her game.

On the other side of the bracket, you see Tanye Porfirio compete against Carina Silva, this match was a slower affair between the two and saw Silva go through due to penalties.

The third-place match saw Tanye implement his crushing game and one against Vieria saw her game being nullified due to size. Seeing Tanye take home the bronze medal.

The final between the two saw Garcia start off with a thunderous takedown into more photographers and that’s where we stayed. With Garcia progressively moving up the body of Santi.

After a failed deep half attempt from Santi, Garcia continued to steamroll Santi until she eventually submits Santi with the Kimura to become the first 4-time female ADCC champion and only the second person to do it in the event’s history, the first being Marcello Garcia.

ADCC +60kg Champion – Gabi Garcia
ADCC +60kg 2nd Place – Carina Santi
ADCC +60kg 3rd Place – Tanye Porfirio

-60kg Division

The -60kg women’s division had the potential for some incredible matchups and the semi-finals did not disappoint. First was a rematch between Bia Mesquita and Ffion Davies. The match starts off with Mesquita implementing her closed guard game, but once Mesquita opened up to sweep, that’s when Davies pounced. Securing a reverse triangle during the scramble, Ffion would go on to attack the triangle and then finish Mesquita with a savage armbar, breaking her arm in the process.

The next semi-finals match would see 10th planet’s Elvira Karppenin go up against Bianca Basilio, this would be a more standard affair between the two women with Basilio securing mount and the points to move onto the finals.

The finals saw the welsh phenom Ffion Davies for up against the dangerous Bianca Basilio. Bianca starts the match with her signature footlock game, while Ffion looked to play her own footlock game.

While Ffion looked to attack a footlock on her own Bianca countered with a toehold of her own, submitting Ffion, to take the 2019 title.

ADCC -60kg Champion – Bianca Basilio
ADCC -60kg 2nd Place – Ffion Davies
ADCC -60kg 3rd Place – Bia Mesquita

ADCC Absolute Division

Elimination Rounds

New for 2019 is the introduction of two people in the same team for the ADCC absolutes, normally you are only allowed one, however, this rule has been changed. This comes with a caveat the two teammates must face each other in the second round. 

The big standout for the ADCC elimination rounds is Australian Lachlan Giles, who had a disappointing performance in his division losing to Lucas Lepri in the first round. This time he submits +99kg champion, Kaynan Duarte and Patrick Gaudio, to stamp his ticket for the Semi-Finals.

He will go up against Gordon Ryan who submitted his first opponent to then compete against his teammate and instructor Garry Tonon. Gordon made short work of Gary, who he submitted from the back in 3 minutes.

On the other side of the bracket ADCC legend, Marcus Almeida Buchecha makes his way to the semi-final by submitting both of his opponents including Tex Johnson. He would go on to compete against Muhamad Aly who defeated his opponents in the process.


In the first semi-finals, we have Buchecha go up against Muhamad Aly, the match starts off slow but Buchecha capitalises on an arm drag to jump to the back. Here Buchecha secures the points and then the choke to get through to the finals.

The second semi-finals saw Lachlan Giles go up against Gordon Ryan. Lachlan has the early offence with a leg entanglement but Gordon’s weight is too much this time for Giles, who eventually gets smashed by Ryan in the mount and then onto the back for the points. Gordon then finishes the match with the same choke he’s used the entire competition. Currently, Gordon Ryan is 8 submissions out of 9 wins.

3rd Place Match

Our third-place matchup in the absolute sees Lachlan Giles go up against the beast that is Muhamad Aly. Lachlan sits to guard as he has done throughout his entire open weight matchup and he’s first to start attacking the legs and gets the bite to submit Aly for the bronze medal in the ADCC, an absolutely stellar performance from Lachlan Giles after his disappointing first-round loses. Take a bow Lachlan.

ADCC Absolute 3rd Place – Lachlan Giles

ADCC Super Fight – Felipe Pena vs Andre Galvao

To say there’s no love between Pena and Galvao would be an understatement. These two have not liked each other and with that comes fireworks. Andre Galvao is one of the most decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champions of all time and Filipe Pena is one of the most exciting competitors of the modern age.

The match starts off hard with Galvao blasting off with hard clubs to the heard exchanged between the two. As the pace settles both look to assert a dominant collar tie with Pena taking the height advantage.

4 minutes into the match Galvao gets first blood with a big double leg taking Pena to the floor, from there he works his top game to pass Pena’s guard.

10 minutes in its Galvao doing the work but now this is when it counts with the points coming into the play.

At the 9 minute mark, Pena looks for a leg entanglement of his own but to no avail.

With Glavao working hard to pass Pena’s guard to no avail the two once again entangle at the 5-minute mark but neither of them has anything significant to attack with.

Regulation time finishes with Galvao still working hard on top but with the danger of the takedown looming in overtime, it’s all to play for.

During the first minute of overtime Glavao shoots for a blast double directly into the announcer table but that doesn’t deter Pena who gets back into it.

However, it’s clear that Galvao’s work rate and wrestling is making Pena more cautious as he continually shoots for power doubles.

With 6 minutes left in overtime, it’s becoming obvious that Pena’s rib is causing his issues but that doesn’t matter as Galvao blasts once again to drive Pena to the ground the secure the position for 2 points after an insane scramble.

After a valiant effort from Pena the clock runs down and Andre Galvao once again retains his ADCC Super Fight Championship for the 4th time.

ADCC Absolute Finals

This is the grandaddy match of them all, the meat and potatoes so to speak. The matchup everyone hoped was going to happen has arrived. Marcus Almeida Buchecha vs King Gordon Ryan. The winner of this will face the ADCC Super fight winner Andre Galvao and a $40,000 cash prize.

The match starts off with Gordon Ryan looking for the shot which is stuffed by Buchecha causing Ryan to play his dangerous guard game.

2 Minutes down Gordon Ryan sweeps Buchecha from a straight armbar attack, a feat done by very few. 

As the match rolls on both competitors look for inside position to set up their own takedown attempts but as the clock runs down to the final 10 minutes in regulation, neither competitor has had the upper hand.

The match continues with neither competitor having anything significant which takes the match into the first of two potential overtime rounds.

The first overtime round begins with a snap down from Buchecha forcing Ryan to sit and play his guard and with 6 minutes to go Buchecha gets a negative 1 point for passivity.

With two minutes to go Buchecha sits back for a heel hook much to the amusement of Gordon Ryan, but as the clock counts down Buchecha begins to heavily pressure Ryan’s closed guard.

As the clock reaches zero Gordon Ryan cements his name as the 2019 ADCC Champ Champ, but in true Ryan fashion, he’s not happy unless he’s submitted his opponent.

ADCC Absolute Champion – Gordon Ryan
ADCC Absolute 2nd Place – Marcus Almeida Buchecha

That wraps up an absolutely stellar ADCC Championship, roll on 2021 where we will see Gordon Ryan face off against Andre Galvao.


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