ADCC 2020 Brackets and Predictions

The Olympics of grappling is upon us and in a year that has been plagued with numerous pull-outs and reshuffles, trying to make an accurate prediction has been almost impossible. However now with the release of the brackets, the time is finally upon us. With just a few hours to go, it’s time to make our predictions.

ADCC Male Divisions

66kg Division

The first bracket in the male ADCC division comes in at 66kg. This bracket is a showcase of the sport’s breakthrough stars, including Kennedy Maciel, who’s replacing his father Rubens ‘Cobrinia’ Charles. After moving up a weight class and then moving back down, Nicky Ryan’s campaign starts against break out star in the gi, Jamil Hill. 

Matchups we’re hoping to see include Paulo Miyao against Nicky Ryan and Gianni Grippo against Kennedy Maciel. We predict the finals will be Nicky Ryan against Bruno Frazzatto.

77kg Division

Considered to be the group of death by many in the media, the 77kg division has the opportunity to make some huge names from the smaller names in the brackets. Ross Nichols has a tough campaign start against former ADCC champion JT Torres, while DDS members could potentially clash in the second round with Oliver Taza and Garry Tonon.

On the right-hand side of the bracket, an opening match of Lucas Lepri against Lachlan Giles will be a tough start for both competitors, while we could see an explosive second round if Vagner Rocha and Edwin Najmi get through their opening matches.

In the finals, I think we’ll be seeing Vagner Rocha wanting redemption against JT Torres, but in this division, anything can happen.

88kg Division

The 88kg division made a star out of Craig Jones and this time he’s looking to go all the way. On the left-hand side of the bracket, we’re hoping to see a rematch between Craig Jones and Murilo Santana, although I think Murilo won’t be caught out by Craig’s flying triangle attempt.

On the right-hand side of the bracket, the opening match between Adam Wardzinski and Mike Perez will be an excellent matchup and if both Perez and Hinger get through, there will be an unusual ATOS face-off. Further down the bracket, the tantalising offer of Matheus Diniz against Gabriel Arges, will be too much for some.

Our finals predictions see Craig Jones going up against Matheus Diniz in a rematch of their grapplefest matchup earlier in the year. 

99kg Division

Now we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of the ADCC, with Gordon Ryan making predictions that he will wipe the floor with everyone, it’s now time to put his money where his mouth is.

In a division which would see nearly everyone potentially taking gold, exciting matchups including Australia’s Ben Hodgkinson looking to upset a confident Gordon Ryan. In the second round Lucas Barbosa against Patrick Gaudio could pick up fight of the night if they get past their first rounds.

Finals predictions would probably see King Gordon Ryan go up against Vinny Magalhaes.

+99kg Division

The +99kg Division sees some potential explosive matchups. Breakout star Kaynan Duarte is looking to make his ADCC debut memorable, however, if he gets through to the third round, he potentially could be facing Buchecha, a matchup for the ages.

On the right-hand side of the bracket, a potential second-round matchup with Orlando Sanchez and Nicky Rod could see some explosive wrestling.

Finals predictions for this division would have to see Buchecha go up against Orlando Sanchez.

ADCC Female Division

60kg Division

The 60kg female division for the ADCC sees some interesting matchups with a potential rematch between Bia Mesquita against UK star Ffion Davies.

Our finals predictions for this division will be Ffion Davies going up against Bianca Vasillio

+60kg Division

Our final division really sees one name on the list. Gabi Garcia who is looking for her 4th ADCC title. However with young blood such as Jessica Flowers, Tayane Porfirio and Nathielly De Jesus all tipped to be contenders, this could be Gabi’s most difficult year.

Our finals predictions will be Gabi Garcia going up against Nathiely De Jesus.

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