UAEJJF Grand Slam: Los Angeles – Day 1 Gi Results

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam returned to Los Angeles as Xande Ribeiro beat Arnold Maidana by a foot-lock submission at the Gi 94kg male black belt division finals and Ricardo Evangelista picked up the Bronze medal.

The event began with national anthem of United Arab Emirates and United States of America in the presence of Council General of UAE to Los Angeles, His Excellency Abdulla Alsaboosi and UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation CEO, His Excellency Fahad Al Shamsi.

“We delivered a successful event in every sense of the word. From the production, to the exciting fights, to the fans attendance at the venue, the atmosphere was amazing. This is the vision of our leadership, especially His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces” Said H.E Fahad Al Shamsi, UAEJJF CEO

“Our National team players performed well, they are getting experience now and we won 3 medals today at the Gi competition. We are hoping to win more medals tomorrow at the No Gi competition.” Said H.E Fahad Al Shamsi, UAEJJF CEO

The 2,418 fans in attendance at L.A Convention center in Los Angeles and the viewers across Abu Dhabi Sports TV and the 12 broadcasters from around the world, witnessed seven hours of great thrills and were treated to an exciting and high paced set of fights between the brightest stars in Jiu-Jitsu’s glamour black belt and others divisions.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam delivered as advertised, as the skillful and powerful jiu-jitsu players took to the mats. The back-and-forth blockbuster fights never lacked action and culminated in a standing ovation in one of the highest attended events in the UAEJJF’s history.

Xande Ribeiro and Arnold Maidana was arguably the most exciting fight of the day. The marquee showdown was a story of accuracy vs. activity, as Ribeiro took the fight to Maidana and attacked him. Ribeiro proved once again why he is one of the greatest bjj competitors of all times. Fighting opponents 10 years younger than him, he was able to impose his intelligent game to win the gold medal. His first major challenge was against Erberth Santos in the semifinal, beat by referee decision after a 2-2 tie on advantages. The final match put Ribeiro against Arnaldo Maidana, who had defeated Ricardo Evangelista in the semifinal, also by referee decision after a 2-2 tie on points. In the gold medal match, Ribeiro forced his game on Maidana to build a 8-0 lead with two guard passes and a sweep.

“I want to thank my opponents for some tremendous fights.  I was in with some great warriors,” said Xande Ribeiro. “Sometimes defense is the key to victory, but I used a lot of attack today to win. The fans were amazing, it was a full packed show and I say thank you to everyone who attended and to all my supporters who keep supporting me.“

The UAE National Team players had some eye-catching performances but at the same time a tough day on the mats, with only 3 medals in the bag. Khalifa Saeed Al Suwaidi and Khalid Eskandar Al Balooshi bagged the Silver and Bronze medals respectively at the male juvenile Blue Belt Gi 60kg division and Humaid Yaser Al Kaabi won the Bronze medal at the male juvenile Blue Belt Gi 66kg division. Jose Junior who trains and represents the UAEJJ Team won Silver at Black Belt Adult 110kg finals.

“It was a great experience today. I won silver but I am not satisfied because I felt I could’ve done better, I congratulate my opponent for the win, he was a great opponent.  It was a very close fight against Alvarez [Michael Roy] and next time I will aim for the Gold Medal.” Khalifa Saeed Al Suwaidi

“We worked hard, we came here for the experience, but with only winning in our mind. For me we all are champions and that’s how I look at it. Khalid Eskandar Al Balooshi said. “I would like to thank our coaches and the Federation for their support and guidance.”

Another thrilling fight of the day was Gi 94kg male Master 1 black belt division final between Romulo Claudio Barral and Manuel Diaz. Barral, one of the most popular jiu-jitsu players, was the more active player from the outset, dismantling the impressive Diaz with a supremely effective inside game. Barral won by 2-0 points win.

“This is definitely a big win for me here at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam” Barral said. “He was trying to take me down and pass the guard, I attacked a lot, but he knew how to survive my attacks. A great and tough fight. Also I want to thank all the fans that came today, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing.”


Gi Results

Men’s Black Belt Results

62kg Medalists:

  1. Mikey Musumeci
  2. João Miyao
  3. Tiago Barros

69kg Medalists:

  1. Paulo Miyao
  2. Isaac Doederlein
  3. Brian Macheha

77kg Medalists: 

  1.  Edwin Najmi,
  2. Victor Silvério,
  3. Vitor Oliveira

85kg Medalists:

  1. Gabriel Arges
  2. Otavio Sousa
  3. Lucas Barbosa

94kg Medalists:

  1. Xande Ribeiro
  2. Arnaldo Maidana
  3. Ricardo Evangelista

110kg Medalists:

  1. Luiz Panza
  2. Jose Junior
  3. Mahamed Aly

Female Brown/Black Belt

55kg Medalists:

  1. Talita Alencar
  2. Patricia Fontes
  3. Rita Gribben

62kg Medalists:

  1. Maxine Thylin
  2. Tammi Musumeci
  3. Heather Raftery

70kg Medalists:

  1. Luiza Monteiro
  2. Jessica Trindade
  3. Catherine Perret

90kg Medalists:

  1. Nathiely de jesus
  2. Tara White
  3. Theresa Grace


In the master 1 black belt division, Romulo Barral won the 94kg, Osvaldo Moizinho was the 69kg champion , Laercio Fernandes took the 62kg gold medal home, Marcelo Mafra won the 77kg division; Eduardo Santoro was the 85kg champion and Thiago Souza conquered the 110kg division.

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