A Warrant for Ralph Gracie has Been Issued After Missing Court Date

Ralph Gracie is officially deemed a fugitive by the Los Angeles Police.

After his alleged assault of Flavio Almeida at No-Gi Worlds last year, over an altercation between the two following Almeida’s decision to open an academy near Gracie, he has failed to appear for his court hearing this week.

Following the assault, Ralph Gracie was charged with assault with force likely to produce bodily injury was summoned to a court hearing in August, however, he has failed to appear.

According to Gracie’s attorney, Harley Breite, Ralph was unable to attend his court hearing as he was caring for his elderly father in Rio de Janeiro, who has reportedly fallen into a coma after hitting his head.

While the warrent has been issued, a Los Angeles judge has paused it until his next hearing on October 15th.

Renzo, Ralph’s brother recently showed his support on a recent post on Instagram.


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My Lawyer, Harley Breite and I flew from NJ to California to defend my brother Ralph. We already had the Co-Defendant Lincoln Pereira downgraded from a Felony to a Misdemeanor and released last month. The District Attorney has 2 Supervisors with him today and tried to prevent my attorney from even speaking and asked for an arrest warrant against Ralph and for the Judge to watch the video. When my lawyer spoke, the Judge denied the Supervisors everything they asked for. The Victim, Flavio Almeida, gave a 20 minute speech calling Ralph a “coward”, “thug” and “terrorist” and said that if Ralph had the courage to fight him that Ralph “knows he wouldn’t last long”. Ralph didn’t have to appear today so it was very easy to say that. But we will return on October 15th to finish Ralph’s case with Ralph in court. ?????????????????????? Meu advogado, Harley Breite e eu voamos de NJ para a Califórnia para defender meu irmão Ralph. Nós já tivemos o Co-Réu Lincoln Pereira rebaixado de um criminoso para um delito leve e lançado no mês passado. O procurador do distrito tem dois supervisores com ele hoje e tentou impedir meu advogado de falar e pediu um mandado de prisão contra Ralph e para o juiz assistir ao vídeo. Quando meu advogado falou, o juiz negou aos Supervisores tudo o que eles pediram. A vítima, Flávio Almeida, fez um discurso de 20 minutos chamando Ralph de “covarde”, “bandido” e “terrorista” e disse que se Ralph tivesse a coragem de lutar contra ele, Ralph “sabe que não duraria muito”. Ralph não precisava aparecer hoje, então foi muito fácil dizer isso. Mas retornaremos em 15 de outubro para concluir o caso de Ralph com Ralph no tribunal.

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