93 Brand “Illusions” Rash Guard Review

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“Oh shit my eyes!” That was the first response I got when I first put this rash guard on. Mission Accomplished.

The illusions rash guard, designed by everyone’s favourite BJJ illustrator Meerkatsu, is the latest product released by 93 Brand.

The first thing that I noticed with this rash guard is the 3/4 sleeves, which seem to be a common feature with all 93 Brand rash guard products. I’ve spoken to a few people about these sleeves and some seem to love them, some seem to hate them. Personally I’m a big fan of the sleeve length, I like the fact that you pretty much get the protection that you need from a full length rash guard without the sleeves poking out the bottom of the gi sleeves, which is a pet hate of mine.

This rash guard runs on the small side, I fit smack damn in the middle of a medium and large, so I decided to order a medium because large rash guards, the arms normally end up being baggy on me. When I tried it on, it was quite snug around the neck, so that’s something to be aware of.

The quality of the rash guard seems to be lacking. Out of the number of rash guards I own, which include a Hyperfly pro comp and Tatami Fightwear JT Torres Signature, the material doesn’t seem to be as thick or as durable. And while the rash guard is in the same price bracket as the Hyperfly procomp (around $50), I would expect the same quality.

Sadly there has also been some issues with the stitching coming undone after a couple of rolls and washes.

However, the selling point for the rash guard has always been the design. The well-known magic eye illusion is a popular feature of the rash guard and if you want to be looking flashy on the mats and messing with people’s eyes then this is a rash guard to choose. Buy the Illusions Rash Guard here today.


  • Fun Design that will get you noticed on the mats
  • 3/4 sleeve length is a big positive for me


  • Stitching coming undone
  • Low quality material


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