3 Chokes You Should Drill From Everywhere

Often when training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with technique and you cannot remember what choke to administer. I have watched the highest-level practitioners and world champions to know that it is not how many chokes you know, but how well you know them and drill them.

I want to present three of the easiest chokes to land and along with some slight variations to each one so you can devastate the opposition.

These are 3 chokes you should know and drill from everywhere.

3 Chokes You Should Know And Drill From Everywhere

The Guillotine Choke

This is so underrated and so easy that it is often times overlooked due to the individual application of each person in the “heat” of battle. Each time you learn a new technique try to break it down as to not only how you do it but also why you do it. If you adopt this habit you will be landing many more of those basic submissions just like you were rolling with a white belt. So as they say, “Let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of this choke.”

Why it works

The guillotine choke can be both a wind choke and a blood choke. First, however you apply it you can either cut off the blood supply to the brain, which in return shuts down the body’s ability to function. Secondly if you apply it with most of the pressure under the chin on the windpipe, you are in for a ride until your opponent cannot hold his breath any longer and pass out.

How it works

The basic guillotine must be drilled and your fundamentals instinctive before you try to start switching it up. A basic guillotine is very effective however when modified it seems to be more effective than just a good ol’ fashioned guillotine. One of my favourite ways to set it up is called the “Marcelotine,” a name given from Marcelo Garcia would use this setup at a very high success rate.  Here are a couple of fitting videos I found after deciding to write this article.  Check out this Marcelotine from the single leg takedown.

The Arm Triangle

This is a great choke that I have used successfully on many occasions. However I see this one done wrong quite often. The choke is not just about getting the opponents arm up and hugging with a squeeze.  There is a correct placement to the choke and once you get the hang of it you will be able to effortlessly land it time and time again.

Why it works

The arm triangle when applied correctly is a blood choke. Unlike the guillotine choke that you close off the carotid artery on both sides with your own arm, you are using your opponent’s shoulder to close off one side and your bicep closes off the other side. The choke leads to lack of blood flow and makes the opponent take a nap.

How it works

The biggest problem with the application of the arm triangle is simply the angle people try to finish the chokehold. When I started BJJ it was a little more strength orientated and I tried to teepee my body up to drive all my weight incorrectly to the neck of my opponent. You have to make sure you are deep on the neck with your choking arm and that your ear and neck are doing most of your driving to close off the blood flow. View it in the following video by Dean Lister if you want to see it in action from one of the best in the game? Check this video out! Furthermore he throws in a couple variations that are pretty crafty.

North/South Choke

This is a choke that is one of my “go to chokes” and is easy to finish.  I can describe this choke as an arm triangle except you are in a North/South position. I like to go straight into this choke from a good side control by switching my arm over and walking my feet toward their head.

Why it works

The choke is exactly like the arm triangle by using your opponents shoulder to cut off one artery and your one arm to cut of the other side. Still you try to keep your ear and head tight to the shoulder but you are using your hip more to keep the arm trapped and tight to their head so you can keep pressure on the artery and BAM! Good night due to lack of blood flow to the brain.

How it works

You walk your body away from the opponent’s body so that you get a tight angle on the choke. It is important that you are not lying on top of your opponent but rather to the side as if you are trying to touch the floor with your chest. This choke will get the left to right pressure and then to ensure you finish the choke, walk your body away with your tip toes to bring everything together so tight there is no room to defend. Check out this video of Robert Drysdale showing you how to seal the deal on the North/South choke.

So there you have it guys, three chokes that when drilled enough properly you do not have to worry about not knowing enough choke submissions but rather you have a fool proof technique that will not fail you when it really matters.

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