2021 IBJJF Pan American Championships Results

On Sunday October 11th, the final day of the 2020 IBJJF Pan American Championships came to a close in a year where Jiu-Jitsu was being smothered by COVID-19 and government restrictions. While this year’s Pan Ams didn’t have the atmosphere of previous championships, it never lacked in the emotional intensity. Every year the Pan Ams brings together some of the most talented Gi competitors to the stage and gives up a glimpse of upcoming stars in the making.

Below are the adult black belt results for the 2020 IBJJF Pan American Championships

2020 IBJJF Pan Am Results – Male Adult Black Belt

Despite the global pandemic, the 2020 Pan Ams were attended by a health number of adult black belts. This year we saw a number of new faces to the scene dominate season professionals and previous winners.

One of the most welcome things about this year’s Pan Ams was seeing Mikey Musumeci step up into the heavyweight division, while he was submitted in the first round, it will be fun to see him go at it again!

One of the biggest shocks of the tournament was light-featherweight Josh Cisneros, who went to take gold in the division on his debut. His gold medal run featured numerous submissions, and also defeated division favourite Paulo Miyao by referee’s decision.


  1. Lucas Pinheiro
  2. Jonas Andrade
  3. Rene Lopez
  4. Willis Nunes


  1. Josh Cisneros
  2. Pedro Dias
  3. Elijah Tagalog
  4. Taniel de Jesus


  1. Thiago Macedo
  2. Matheus Gabriel
  3. Richard Nogueria
  4. Samuel Nagai


  1. Jonatha Alves
  2. Michael Liera Jr
  3. Renato Canuto
  4. Jonnatas Gracie


  1. Ronaldo Jr
  2. Jackson Nagai
  3. Guthierry Barbosa
  4. Lucas Valente


  1. Otavio Sousa
  2. Matheus Luna
  3. Gabriel Almeida
  4. Manuel Ribamar


  1. Gustavo Batista
  2. Dominique Bell
  3. Yuri Paiva
  4. Horlando Monteiro


  1. Guilherme Augusto
  2. Arnaldo Maidana
  3. Fellipe Andrew
  4. Devhonte Johnson


  1. Max Gimenis
  2. Luiz Panza
  3. Renato Tagliari
  4. Stuart Maddox

Open Weight

  1. Fellipe Andrew
  2. Gustavo Batista
  3. Murilo Santana
  4. Max Gimenis

2020 IBJJF Pan Am Results – Female Adult Black Belt

The 2020 Pan Ams featured a very interesting female roster, one which included a number of brand new black belts and potential new talent. Many eyes were on Atos’ Rafael Guedes and Emily Alves Vasconcelos who both looked impressive in their matches.

However, it was Atos veteran Luiza Monteiro who continues to add more gold to her already impressive collection, and she not only proved that she is one of the most dominant female athletes in the sport but also one of the most entertaining.


  1. Mayssa Bastos
  2. Patty Fontes
  3. Ann Kneib


  1. Gabi McComb
  2. Amanda Alequin
  3. Lyanne Perez
  4. Taylor Biagi


  1. Luiza Monteiro
  2. Nathalie Ribeiro
  3. Nikki Sullivan
  4. Natasha Quiza


  1. Rafaela Guedes
  2. Claire North
  3. Vanessa Griffin
  4. Brenda Ariane


  1. Andressa Cintra
  2. Maria Malyjasiak
  3. Emily Vasconcelos
  4. Vedha Toscano


  1. Kendall Reusing (Closeout)
  2. Jessica Flowers (Closeout)
  3. Talita Nogueira
  4. Michelle Welti

Open Weight

  1. Luiza Monteiro (Closeout)
  2. Rafaela Guedes (Closeout)
  3. Maria Malyjasiak
  4. Gabrielle McCona

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