16/03/14 BJJ training – Getting back into the groove

After having what seemed like an eternity off from training (infact, it was only 4 weeks), I’ve started back into my regular training sessions. LAst night I decided to return to my good old Sunday Session of BJJ and Sambo.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Tonight was all about passing the guard and retention. We started the night off doing some simple bullfighter passing drills to warm up. I always like to drill to warm up, to me it just feels more beneficial, than simple body weight exercises.

After some drilling, we went into more guard specific passes, tonight was all about using the Torreando movements to pass your opponent’s open guard and De La Riva. As I was paired with someone who was wasn’t wearing a Gi, I decided to adapt the moments to make it into more of a leg drag pass, the movements are very similar, it’s just what you do with your opponents leg is what’s different.


Tonight’s session was a slow ramping up of pressure, we started with guard retention and passing with the guy on the bottom not being able to use his hands. This is a great drill to utilise your hooks and forgetting about grips is quite liberating.

We then ramped up the pressure, to include grips and eventually full sparring. Tonight’s sparring partner was Luke, who I always have a good competitive roll with. Tonight pretty much saw me passing into side control, with him retaining guard. Eventually the round ended with him threatening a Kimura.

My cardio was already blasted and I still had another hour-long Sambo session. God help me.



After sitting for 10 mins to get my breathe back, we decided to quickly warm up our hamstrings and hips, with a few Ogoshi movements. We then moved onto ogoshi defences and counters.The three main counters were the valley drop, a suplex and basically picking up your opponent and dropping him back down (I’m sure there’s a name for it but it espaces me right now).


Stand up sparring is difficult for me because I don’t have a lot of confidence in my throws, apart from one, so it really saw me trying to attack my drop Seonagi with a few successes


Today getting back on the mat was a huge victory in itself, after having 4 weeks off, which is probably the longest time I’ve had off training since I started.

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